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And Here's Our Banners And Logos, Created By X3M, Honeydew2, and Synbadd!!

These are our current logos!!

current gif black logo
member logo black member logo
stephie's animated banner
Our Banner Should Be Here!!
Honeydew's Logo
Your President and CEO..together
Webanon(tm) Bar

These are our old logos!!.. we try not to use them too much because they have the Webaholics symbol in them.. but they're still great to look at!!

original gif Webanon(tm) gif Webanon(tm) gif
Webanon(tm) gif Webanon(tm) gif Webanon(tm) gif
Webanon(tm) banner
Webanon(tm) banner

I'd like to thank these guys for their hard work on these banners and gifs,
and welcome any new ones anyone else would like to share!!

"Just Believe That You Belong!!"

Anyone need to Join?, Just leave me an E-mail Telling me you want to join, with your Handle and your Home Page Address (if available), and I will add your name to the charter!!
And if you have ICQ, let us know your number!!
And please tell us how you heard of Webanon™!!
We Luv You!!
Anyone needing counseling contact our counselors:
Honeydew2 or KittyC@ts at
They will get back to you as soon as possible!!
You may also leave me mail at that address, or at my other one, Hotmail!!

You may now Page Jartzan or Honeydew2 by ICQ!!

Do you need ICQ ? .. It is now available for Win3.1, Win95,Win98, NT, xp and Mac!!..

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Our Current 'Staff'!!

President/Ringmaster: Jartzan
CEO: Honeydew2
Vice President: Dark-Souled Mage
Vice Pres Secretary: Merlynn2
Counselors: Honeydew2, KITTYC@TS
Love Counselor: A Kind Friend
Design Artists: X3M, Synbadd
Resident Hippie: Jeneeee
Official Hosehead: Beersurgeon
Official Weatherman: KFMDMATT
Honorary Recruiter: The Lionman
Head Of Security: BillScout
Official ICQ Guru: Tragick
Official Zookeeper: Jaymikal
Official DJ: MagicMattKelly
Official Goof: Pike74
Publicity Officer: Eagle
Un-Official Website Host: Drakkhen
Honoraries: Jeneeee, XQYZYT

If you need to be on the staff, please let me know!!


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