I DM one campaign in the D&D Known World (also known as Mystara) and play in another 3 campaigns 1 run in the Known World the other 2 in the Forgotton Realms. One of these involves a group of good characters the others a group of evil characters. Below are descriptions of what is happening in each of these at present.

The Search For The Sword

Last Updated 20/March/1997

This campaign is the longest running of those I take part in. At present Yarrin (a thief), Tartella (a fighter), Herk (a fighter), Raistlin (a mage), Framous (a cleric) and Zimheaho (an elf) are searching for a magical sword which belonged to the Immortal Madura. On her death it was split into a number of parts and scattered around the Known World. Tartella, a member of the Sisterhood of the Sword, is a little worried as the sword has dark aspects as well as enourmous powers. So far they have found the hilt and the blade. Other parties also seem to be after the sword. One group is the Dark Brotherhood whom Madura and her supporters had vanquished long ago. The other is a strange character whose name nobody can remember but he smells of roses. Even more strange, in an ancient burial mound where the swords hilt was hidden, Tartella had a vision in which she had married this character.

The other characters (other than Raistlin) also had a similar experience. Yarrin (who is afraid of the dark) was trapped in a series of dark tunnels under a castle trying to get a message to Zimheaho who was back in his home forest fighting dark elves and lycanthropes. Framous was dealing with the loss of magic experienced by all clerics who do not follow Lloth in a strange dark future, hoping that Zimheaho can bring the herbs needed for the healing potions. Herk stands on the battlements of a castle being taunted by his brother who is fighting for The Dark Brotherhood.

Currently they have been sidetracked by a mission given them by a strange character by the name of Rheddrian who they had released from a strange glowing mirror. He asked them to investigate actions going on in Alphatia and how it was related to the war going on between Alphatia and Glantri. This has involved them going into the Hollow World where, after an earthquake, they are trapped. They along with a local tribal Witch Doctor Jafidor, have first had to search for one of the gnomish tunneling devices, then find a cure for a strange plague afflicting the survivors of the earthquake on thier return from which they have found that the survivors have been captured by Azcans and taken to their capital as sacrifices.

After a dangerous journey encountering fast running dinosaurs, flying serpants and giant snakes. Stowing aboard a cargo ship from the town of Inxi the brave heros have managed to get to Chitlacan. They came up with a cunning plan to get them to the temple of Atzanteotl where they believe the prisoners are but unfortunatly they were spotted and tricked by a female Azcan mage and a cleric of Atzanteotl. After a long magic battle during which Zimheaho had his tongue turned into a snake and the party were webbed to the litter they had stolen they were forced to lay down thier weapons by sheer weight of numbers. All but one.... Yarin managed to scale a wall unnoticed by the Azcans and is at present watching the Azcans take his friends away.

By luck Yarrin encountered a survivor from The Princess Ark who told him of a secret way into the Pyramid where Yarrin was able to rescue the rest of the PC's. They have now managed to return to the surface and find themselves back in Thyatis with a lot to think about. Find out more by downloading the adventure modules...

To Be Continued .....

The Trials Of Trimus

This campaign DM'ed by Rob is the subject of a story on another of my pages.

The GOOD AD&D Campaign

In this campaign I play a ranger by the name of Otis. It is DM'ed by Rupert probably the best DM in the World. Currently we are looking for an important general who has been captured by followers of Iuz. We only get to play this campaign sporadically and we have sometimes made negative progress in a session! One of the characters has died and we have used up most of our magic. Otis himself has been captured and rescued but not before he has had one of his b**** removed.

More on this as it happens.

The EVIL AD&D Campaign

This is possibly the most fun campaign that I play in. Again it is DM'd by Rupert who keeps up the level of tension and humour throughout. In this I play a Human Mage by the name of Prince Sewarndt of Nyrond. A Neutral Evil character who is a bit nasty. The back stabbing and bitchyness that oozes out of this game is kept in check but it has led to some great role playing opportunities. This campaign has proved that evil characters can be made to work together. My favourite character in the game is a lizardman by the name of Phoebus (played by my mate Rob) who has a liking for fingers!!

This adventure also had the best death sequence I can ever remember. Prince Sewarndt being the brave soul he is was guarding the entrance to a large chamber while his friends were inside dealing with whatever was inside. When the noise of battle stopped the Prince stepped inside saying "Well what's going on in here?" This was greated by a storm of spikes from a manticore which scored 5 hits. Not 1, not 2 but 3 of them were critical hits!! He then went into David Byrne "Once In A Lifetime" mode as his brains added to the decor of the room. Luckily there was a cleric in attendance who was able to save his life.
It still makes me chuckle today!
More on this as it happens.

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