The Hall Of Heroes


Trimus D'Alberon

Trimus D'Alberon. Level 6 Mage.

High in strength and intelegence but about as charismatic as a barn door!
A cocky little so and so who is more concerned with appearance than substance. He is a believer in law and justice whatever the cost.

Jodotha.Level 7 Thief.

A thief will all the guile one would expect. He looks out for number one but also number two if the price is right.
Disguises and acrobatics are his specialities.

Ako. Level 7 Cleric.

Lawful but thick. His backpack has more brains than he has!

Darkhawk. Level 7 Fighter.

A fighter by trade and a drinker by inclination! His favorite weapon is, well anything that hurts I suppose!

Deris of Clan Blackstar.
Level 1 Half-Elf Cleric of Bez.

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