Heroes & Villains

This page will contain character sheets and backgrounds of some of the PCs and NPCs that have helped or hindered PC's in my Mystara campaign.


Brief Description

Level 10 Jungle Druid (Savage/Gardener kits) Neutral - NPC in my Mystara Campaign


Brief Description

Level 1 Half-Elf Cleric Of Bez, Neutral-Good - Character in Rob Vance's Heroes Of Readmarch

Blind Peter

Brief Description

Level 11 Human Thief, True Neutral - NPC in my Mystara Campaign


Brief Description

Level 3 Halfling Sage Chaotic Good - NPC in my Mystara Campaign

Samuel Fletcher / The Raven

Brief Description

3rd Level Cleric / 9th Level Thief Neutral Evil - PC In a one off Grayhawk Adventure

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