The Collection Of Calaban The Lost

Calaban is a collector of maps. Ever since he woke naked, bar a dirty loin cloth in the gutter of a back strret in Castad he has seached for his home. He knows not where he comes from only that one day he will find a map of a place he recognizes as home. To that end he has devoted the last twenty years to searching the markets of the city for maps. He hires adventurers to seach ruined towers and deep, dark dungeons to retrieve fragments of parchment. No map is too tattered, too blighted by mould or too simple for him. He pays well and he is the first person adventurers turn to if they want to sell a map or even if they want to buy one.

The maps on this page are but a small selection of Calaban's collection. He has graciously allowed them to be displayed to help any other travellers that may be lost.
The collection is divided into four parts: maps of buildings, maps of settlements, maps of dungeons and overland maps. Calaban has created small copies of these maps to help you select while keeping the larger copies elsewhere which he will bring out if you show an interest. Some of the maps have anotations which Calaban has translated from the original scrawl, often written by frightened adventurers or bored scribes.

Maps Of Buildings

Sudyr Manor

The oldest and highest quality building in the village of Sudyr is owned by the Thieves' Guild. It used to the manor house of the Llwydwydd family who also owned the village. The Guild infiltrated the village slowly then murdered the family one by one, each apparently an accident, till at last the two remaining children and an old retainer left the village to live with an uncle two dozen years ago. They believed the village to be cursed and have never returned to claim their birthright. It is a two-storey building with extensive cellars.
Members of the guild are allowed to borrow items from the guild store. These include weapons, armour and the odd magical item.

Maps Of Settlements

The Village Of Sudyr

The village is home to wreckers and smugglers, a haunt of thieves and wasters.
They light the lamp atop the lighthouse to guide ships to their doom upon the rocks off shore before sending out their boats to salvage what they can from the flotsam.
As for the sailors and passengers, if they are lucky they get washed up on a far shore. If not they are sold into slavery the next time one of the galleys come visiting.
The village is situated at the mouth of the River Sudyr on the north-east coast of Gwydre.

Maps Of Dungeons

Overland Routes

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