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Last Update: 09 January 1999

Quest is a PBM run by KJC Games. In game 5 I run the Agents of Fortune although they could better be known as the Agents of Misfortune! They have been batttered by monsters and other parties especially those that belong to the Red Reign alliance.

After my encounter with the Pendle Rangers the Agents were reduced to a dwarf fighter with a single hit point who insisted on carrying the bodies to a place of safety where he could dig a mass grave with his trusty magic chopper.
After this disaster it took us a while to regain our strength. A few appearances in the Bloodstained Tome by Dr. Strangepants soon gained us a newfound reputation and a few coppers to rub together (oo err missus!) enough to recruit some new followers.

Now we may not be the strongest bunch but we may be the weirdest! At present we are somewhere near Likrat (my favourite placename so far) on a mission to clear out a dungeon for the bursers of another town. We are no longer easy meat for wandering monsters but we steer well clear of other parties, we are not interested in exterminating other groups , though if we see a Pendle in the gutter we won't hesitate to kick him in the fork! We continue to follow the road of true neutrality seaching for the balance at the heart of Kharn.

Latest News - 01 August 1998

The AoF are currently visiting the romantically named village 135 on our way to clearing out the Tomb Of Malice. We have just attacked a bunch of rats and centaurs causing both to flee rather than fight us (I blame Grabthroat's famous rabbit stew).

Cast List

Grabthroat Skinkicker. The dwarven fighter leads our party and is tough as old boats, not to mention smelling like them. Pretty hot with an axe but useless with anything else. He originally wanted to be called Shinkicker but everyone thought that was stupid so he ended up as Skinkicker which is far more sensible.
Vector Shaheed. This renegade from a Stephen Donaldson novel has transmogrified into a brutish fighter. Good with sword and axe he takes no prisoners mainly cos he can't run fast enough to catch them.
Lodin Bai. Caught out in a back room doing something he shouldn't this halfblood thief ran away to join a circus. When that wasn't silly enough he ended up with the Agents Of Fortune. Tough, skilled and aware of all that goes around him he still has the charisma of a haddock stuffed behind a radiator for three months.
Richard Vorhees. Tired of his life as a character in a Julian May book Richard joined the priesthod so he could wear a dress. A highly skilled practitioner in the mystic arts of the Kharnain dieties he keeps the rest in order when they go on a pub crawl around the taverns of villages like Likrat. He can't hold his drink however so he ends up puking over his vestments by the end of the evening.
Vecna's Bane. This mysterious character is in the wrong game. A dwarf like Grabthroat he has pledged himself to the removal of Vecna from Kharne. No one has yet spoil his day by telling him that Vecna is'nt here.
Trimus D'Alberon. Everyone's favorite mage. About as useful in a fight as a two legged centipede with flatulance and unable to cast spells as no one will lend him any money to buy componants. He hangs around the back waiting for something to happen.

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