Traps And Tricks

This page is intended for use by Dungeon Masters who need a trap in a hurry but can't think of one. Some of these traps are deadly, some are painful others are just plain annoying! Enjoy!
And if any of my players are reading this ... Stop Now!

U Shaped Corridor

At the end of the U is a maze carved onto a door. There is no handle or lock in sight. As PC's get to the end water starts to flood in. They have to run a finger along the maze to open the door.

Punching Hand Door

If the door is opened without knocking first a large glowing hand punches the first PC through then slams the door shut. If PC's try to attack it, it will attempt to grasp the weapon and pull it out of the PC's hand.

Door With Many Traps

When the door is opened traps appear to either side of the door but not where the thief was standing.


The door has a very neat label 'Lift' pinned to it. The door will only open if it is lifted!


When the door is opened the floor pivots dropping those 10' from the door into a pit. There may be spikes on the ceiling above the door to cause other party members to stand well back.

Eye Of The Beholder

Floating in the corridor is a beholder, it has its back towards you. It is actually a sack containing yellow mould spores.


You enter a corridor strewn with boulders through a one way door. As you try to open the door at the far end the room starts to rotate. The far door is a false door. There may be numbers on the boulders. A hatch will open in the ceiling and a giant will reach in for a boulder but may pick up a PC instead. The boulders do 2d6 damage to a PC, Thac0 12. Armoured PC's do the same damage to other PC's!

Bernie - The Bolt

In a 10' wide corridor, lit by many torches. Door is offset to one side. As PCs get half way down corridor and set off trap which sends a balista bolt which smashes the wall at far end releasing explosive gas - equivalent to a 6d6 fireball, unless a PC gets in the way in which case the wall does not get broken.

The No Trap, Trap

PC's walk into a circular room with a pedestal in the centre, upon which sits a large ruby. The room is lined with mirrors and the ceiling is covered with mirrors. PC's are going to take a long time before believing that there isn't a trap in the room. When they examine the ruby they find it is paste. A useful trap if you want to delay PC's for a while.

The Trapped Map

Let a map come into the possession of the PC's that has no writing on it. The map purports to be the map to the lair of a famous mage (Davindo Clinaero) or monster. The map is designed in mirror form i.e. the dungeon is symmetrical but the directions that the map indicates are the way to traps and doom. How long will it be before the PC's work it out?

Bless You!

A trap in the floor releases a cloud of fine pepper into the air. PC's will sneeze for 2d4 rounds (1/2 if a saving throw vs. poison is made) . While sneezing no spells can be cast, lose initiative and attack at-2. Meanwhile a host of shadows engage the party. Oh yes did I add that there are several of these traps in the room!


! Trap releases large number of marbles onto the floor. PCs can move slowly (5' without dexterity check) but any complex move such as fighting or moving more than 5' need to make a dexterity check or fall over. Needless to say they are attacked by a number of flying creatures or non-corporeal beasts.

Roll 'em! Roll 'em! Roll 'em!

A long corridor (50') has a several rollers each about 5' apart along its length. PC's must make a dexterity check or fall into the water below the rollers which contains either crocodiles, piranhas or snakes.

That Rings A Bell

A mimic has stationed itself outside of a door disguised as a bell. The bell pull is it's tongue.

Chest Trap 1

The trap teleports the person to a random location in the dungeon.

Chest Trap 2

Not really a trap this one. A false bottom in the chest hides a narrow flight of stairs leading down into darkness.

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