The Western Realms

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The map above shows a area known as the Western Realms.
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Timeline For The Western Realms

Date Event
-300 years King Karaz, last ruler of a united Western Realms ascends to the throne
-250 years King Karaz dies aged 68 and his kingdom is divided between his two remaining sons Doral and Bormar.
-240 years First war between the brothers starts due to a border dispute north west of the River Darrow.
-235 years End of the first war. Borders established in the Treaty of Fendarrow.
-232 years Bormar dies, allegedly poisoned by agents of his brother.
-230 years Doral dies in a hunting 'accident'.
-190 years First battle of Fendarrow started by nervous generals stationed along the Neutral Zone. Fendarrow razed
-175 years Fendarrow rebuilt.
-70 years The great plague claims many victims. Elves blamed as they appear unaffected by the disease.
-35 years Free Isles declare independence from Bormaris. Doralin navy offers support but the government decline the offer.
-2 years Second war begins after a border skirmish over a few stray cattle. Fendarrow under siege.


Doralin is the nation founded by the younger of Karaz's two sons Doral. Its capital, Miraz, lies on an easily defensable peninsula. The city is an ancient one, possibly dating from before the founding of the Western Realms.

The City Of Fendarrow

Fendarrow was the capital of the Realms during the days of Karaz and his ancestors. In those days it was a bright city spanning the river Darrow and backing onto the fens, a place of wild birds and plants. Since the battle of Fendarrow however during which it was razed to the ground, it has become a dark place. The city is dominated by defencive fortifications and towers. The fens have become a stagnent waste fetid with waste of the city.

The Battle Of Fendarrow

The battle raged for over 6 months. The Bormarian army besiged the city, poisoned the river and the fens and bombarded the bright spires with catapults. Eventually, with food and water becoming scarce the defenders broke out in an attempt to destroy the attacking force. The Battle of Fendarrow fought on the plains south of the fens was a one side masacre. The Bormarians used Dark Magic to make the land itself fight the defenders who were cut down to the last man. The city was then raided. All buildings were destroyed and the civilians herded into the fens where most drowned as the rivers rose to flood levels overnight. The attackers then stopped for no clear reason and drifted away.
No one returned to Fendarrow for five years, tales of hauntings and strange beasts kept them away. Eventually 25 years after the battle Feris II of Doralin ordered the city rebuilt as a military city to guard against the evil Bormarians.


The capital of Boramis Karazburgh was the WInter Palace of Karaz. During the cold winters he and his court would move south to Karazburgh and hold court here. The land here is fertile and warm most of the year. The city has not changed much since those days although it has spread out beyond the original walls as more people have moved into the area

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