The Western Realms
Welcome to the Western Realms Homepage. Within these pages you will find details of some of the people who live in these lands, their adventures, the places they vist and the Powers that are guiding them. This is also the place to visit if you want to become a lurker (someone who views the events as they happen via e-mail) or wish to join the game when a place becomes available. So read on and enjoy the tale of the heroes as they serach the Western Realms for a cure to the plague that threatens to ravage their homelands.


The heros have travelled far as individuals, they come from many places around the western realms. Here are links to the maps I have drawn to aid them in their travels. Most of the maps have clickable links to other, more detailed maps or to descriptions of places within the maps.
The whole of the Western Realms.
The Free Isles.
The town of Avondale. This is where the adventure, for some of the heroes, began.
The route from Avondale to the Dwarven city of Dal Skyr
The home of Zan the Bard and his mysterious master.
The old mine in the mountains. What mysteries lurk in the ruined buildings.
What lurks in the temple by the mine?
Avonmouth Gazateer
The Flower Of The West
Dragontooth Island - The Treasure Map?


The people of the Western Realms vary from country to country. The Bormarians are swarthy, magic using and secretive, while those of Doralin are paler of skin and more inclined towards the arts of war. The Free Isles, where the adventure begins, sits off of the coast of these two warring nations. It's people are tolerant, peaceful and altogether calmer than those of the mainland. This tolerence even extends to the elves. Blamed by most for the plague that decimated the population a generation or so ago, the elves are hunted down and killed or enslaved in many parts of the Realms, only in the Free Isles can they live in relative peace. But now that the plague is returning will that famed tolerance still apply?
The races of the Western Realms.
The Heroes Of The Western Realms


It is a time of trouble. A time of strife. A time of danger. War and plague stalk the land once more. Ever since the last king of the united realms died and divided his kingdom between his sons pain has never been far away. Now Doralin and Bormaris are once again at war. Rumours abound that the plague has returned, even to the Free Isles. Are the elves behind it as tavern talk suggests? Or is something more powerful and dangerous building schemes within schemes to destroy the Western Realms?
Here there is a brief timeline describing the events since the death of King Karaz
The Avondale Times has had a thing or two to say about recent events.
A lot has happened but here is a brief resume of events so far.


Gods are important to the people of the Western Lands. They still exert a power on people's everyday lives. Some for good some for evil. There used to be many more than there are today and sometimes explorers and adventures will come across an ancient temple or a fragment of manuscript that describes an long forgotton diety who has been waiting for just such an event to return to power.
Descriptions of the main Powers in the Western Realms 1