Non Player Characters (NPCs)

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NAME (Yogang)


    NAME (Archetype)

    Chairman of NuMan Industries, a genetic research company. Suspected to be a front for a much larger MegaCorp.
  • FERRET (Fixer)
    A Fixer who deals in arm smuggling. Has an arms stash at the East End mall.
  • GUIDO (Solo)
    Ferret's chief of security and defensive star of the Night City SLASHERS, the cinderalla team of the Ice Hockey circuit
  • THE MOGUL (Corper)
    A Corper with a fixation on 20th Century Hollywood memorabilia. Also has powerful interests in the media.
  • STONE (Solo)
    Proprietor of Club XTC. Stone is a retired Solo who runs an establishment catering to Fixers and Solos. It is rumored that stone is somehow connected with the Eden Cabal.

    Stone has a 15 year-old daughter, Valerie, who is the most precious thing in the world to him. he believes she is as sweet and innocent as she appears - Yeah Right!