Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games

Links to some of my Campaigns

Wild Marital Arts (WMA) Campaign
Set in Modern Day Kamakura Japan (Just South of Tokyo), this is a cross between Ranma1/2 and DrangonBall. Based on the Hero System the Campaign started in March of 1996 and is run every other week.

Also based on the Hero system, Tempest is a weather controlling superheroine that I play on alternate nights from the WMA game. Included are her background and campaign summaries.

High Fantasy
A group of desparate adventurers bid farewell to their homeland which has fallen to the Forces of Chaos. Taking their chances on the pirate ship STORMRAVEN they sail off into the unknown...

In the year 2027 America had become a consumer paradise. Megamalls sprang up in downtowns everywhere as corporations vied for the consumer's almighty EuroDollar. The decadence and decay of the preceding 20 years has been replaced by the Megacorps --lead by a Facist government-- intent on building a Utopian society. But this new heaven has come at a terrible price, and it is the youth of the cities who have banded together in yogangs that are striking back. And in the midst of this new Garden of Eden there is a danger, the likes of which the world has never encountered. A deadly plague which kills adults and horribly mutates children, and its spreading like wildfire through the malls of America.

Kurashima Ryosuke
A PBEM game that I joined. Ryo is an exchange student from Japan who is attending the Torvus school with some very unusual classmates. The campaign world is an amalgamtion of DC and Marvel universes where most of the students are the offspring of some famous supertype. Ryo on the other hand just wants to be like his hero Jackie Chan.

X-File High
New Campaign I will be starting. Participants will play your atypical High School students (Jock, Library Nerd, Computer Hacker, Cheerleader, Science Geek, Goth Wannabe, etc.)who live in a very weird town. These students have banded to gether to battle the forces of evil that seek to wreck havoc in their lives. It's a mix between X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Coming soon!

World Of Darkness
Backgrounds on some of my favorite characters from White Wolf's World of Darkness.

Others to come!

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