RUN #1


    The PCs (a Rad named Chi Chi, a Guardian called Diomedes, and our hero, total Mallbrat-Supreme, Weaver) meet at the East-End Mall (East-End Mall, the FUN place to shop...but remember, eh, I can get that for ya cheaper, no problem!). There they have a run in with some MegaViolents who were trying to get into a bit of the ol' ultra-violence but got shut down by good-guy and killjoy, Diomedes. During the spectacular and heroic opening fight scene in which a certain player got a very wrong-headed idea of how the rest of this was gonna go, a young lad was nearly plastered into a fountain but was saved by the unlikely bravery of the wily Weaver. Asked later what caused him to set self-interest and personal safety aside in that moment of crises he said, "Everything happened so, eh, fast...I just didn't take time to know, obviously!" The kid's mother was very grateful and bought lunch for the crowd, which included Diomedes, Chi-Chi, and her own daughter, the mousy Tinker-Tot, Electra, but no Mega-Violents.

    Electra managed to sneak info to Chi Chi that they've both got a mission to meet this DJ guy this very evening at some place called The Slammer. Smarter than that and always on the prowl for guarantees of his own safety, Chi Chi enlists the aid of Diomedes and, oh...why not, Weaver to accompany him and Electra on this death-crawl.

    Meanwhile Diomedes is off stopping a purse snatcher and meets the rapturous Rapture who is kinda impressed with his "death defying" acts of stupidity in leaping off perfectly good escalators. They make plans to meet at The Slammer as well. By the way, The a very popular nightclub for members of REAL gangs, not widdle-kiddie yopoppers. Generally, they don't allow the wanna-be riff-raff into the place, on penalty of extreme violence. They've got one of those, "You must be at least this tall or we'll beat you up" signs outside the place.

    After a harrowing journey through the subway system, the bold adventurers arrive at the Slammer and find it easy to enter since they are all sporting nifty yellow armbands (Weaver had contacted a fellow MallBrat, 5-Fingers Willy of the New Harbor Mall, who assured him that these armbands would allow safe passage).

    In fact they notice some familiar looking MegaViolents also sporting the stylish armbands. Diomedes then discovers the armbands' true nature as he is thrust into the Pit as part of an initiation ritual. Apparently by wearing these scraps of cloth, the young wannabe's have announced their wishes to gain entry into one of the older gangs and therefore their willingness to face health-defying combat in the ring with an actual adult opponent-with-violent-attitude to prove how studly and worthy they are. Fortunately Diomedes is TOUGH and actually managed to get "challenged" by a member of the Back Alley Brawlers, one of the nice guy gangs. Meanwhile, the other much smaller kids, believing that this selection process is entirely random and noticing that the alleged human beings of Maelstrom are gleefully sharpening their shoulder-spikes, continue the desperate search for the elusive DJ and a hasty exit the heck outta here!!

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