RUN #11


    PART I
    Starring: Weaver, Ghoul, Booth, and Sira

    PART II:
    Starring: Weaver, Sira, Booth, Tia, Sequoia


    Ferret rested comfortably in his villa while watching the Night City Slasher's lose horribly to the New Jersey Manglers on his 72" Plasma screen HDTV. Taking in the game relaxed him as he tried to cast aside the worries that had plagued him recently. Most importantly, what the hell was up with that Mallrat Fliggers, and who was he supposed to have sold out to? Ferret was usually a good judge of character, and didn't think that spineless twerp had it in him for so blatant a double cross. This leads him to think that perhaps the girl, Morgana was running SHE had real potential. However they must be backed by somebody or else they wouldn't have had the balls to pull the stunt the way they did and still lurk around to crow about it. Could this somehow be a test? A probe of his defenses by some new player come to town in order to see how the master-fixer would react? There were many possibilities here, and Ferret had little to go on at this point which made him nervous, and when Ferret got nervous the morticians worked overtime.

    Suprisingly, Winter had no idea who was behind this brazen betrayal and that disturbed him even more. What good was an information broker who didn't have the goods, unless she was holding out on him...? Therefore he decided to err on the side of caution in this matter and let Five-Finker play out his little drama. He was content to use his newly acquired pawns to flush out the other's back-row pieces and see what may come. Pawns frankly were easily replaceable in Night City.

    As the contest on the ice ended he mentally calculated his winnings placed from his numerous anonymous accounts across the country. The Notorious Ferret, however standed to lose roughly 50,000 Euro on the game, but that was small potatoes next to the winnings he planned to reap in. Fixers, ya know, gotta keep up those appearances.

    As Sayeko brought him another gin and Tonic, his private line rang. Must be Trifecta informing him of his losses, hmmph! If that two bit bookie only knew...

    Ferret picked up the secure line.

    "Speak to me."

    A familiar voice responded on the other end of the line. "El Jeffe, Many pardons for disturbing you."

    "Go ahead Antonio, what is it? The shipment's not ready for another two days, you know."

    "Si, El Jeffe, it's za boy...he's running some extortion racket from the retailers in za mall. Zay are all up in arms over zis latest fiasco."

    Ferret smiled inwardly to himself, extortion huh? Seemed that Weasel was a quick study.

    "Toni, mi amigo, calm yourself. I am sure some extra insurance won't upset the retailers too much. I hear there has been a lot of gang activity lately."

    There was a long pause from the other line.


    "Itza not an insurance scheme, El Jeffe..."

    Ferret was a bit perplexed. Was the kid skimming off the top or something. Gotta admit, it had taken him a while to get the cahones to try.

    "Well then what type of scam is it?"

    Antonio's breathing became labored on the other end. "El Jeffe, please if I hadda but known, I woulda never suggested za boy in za first place."

    "Out with it, Tonio" Ferret allowed his irritation to show in his voice.

    " do I say dis...El Jeffe, za boy is extorting the money for...for...for charity!"

    Glass could be heard breaking on the other end of the line followed by a curse. Antonio feared for his life at this point, but Ferret came back after a few moments in a cool, relaxed voice. Almost too cool, which scared Antonio even more.

    "Thank you Antonio. Make sure the shipment is taken care of."

    And then the line went dead...


    Coming Soon!

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