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    The Replacement Killers

    Anguishing seconds turned to minutes as the young heroes awaited their fates in the silent doll shop. Guido actually looked a little saddened by the sorry state of souls under his watch. Weaver was near comatose on the floor, Sira and Tia had returned with some grub, and Booth was busy surveying the scene. The arrival of Mitchi and Angela Rovino, two of Ferret's associates did little to brighten the mood of those assembled. Mitchi was a former Hitman for the mob who Ferret helped disappear and assume a new identity. His skills were still intact and had been used by Ferret on occasion to take care of problems. His wife Angela, as unlikely as it sounds, is a detective for NCPD Internal Affairs. She also happens to be Ferret's Half Sister and Mitchi' wife.

    Angela departed for the clinic housing Christina, as Ferret only wanted family involved in her immediate vicinity. Mitchi decided to review the security video footage and left the kiddies alone with Guido once again. More time passed and then in walked Sarah. Guido fainted dead away, prompting the kids to wonder what the heck was going on. They soon came to the realization that Sarah was not firing on all cylinders, possibly a dozen fries short of a happy meal…maybe more. They soon discovered that she is a very dangerous creature who should be at best avoided (Tia's reaction) and at worst flattered (Weaver's reaction). Booth decided to opt for neither, making a generalization about her apparent mental state to Sira and caught a needle through the throat for it, cutting his jugular. Sarah gave no further reaction.

    Fortunately a Blood Soaked Ferret and Stone had returned in time to distract Sarah and rescue the kids. It seems with Christina out of the way, Sarah was making a play for her former love, Ferret. Unfortunately it was Sarah's twin Jessica that had been Ferret's former love, not Sarah. Sarah had become insanely jealous and had murdered her loving sister, assuming her identity. Ferret soon discovered the grisly truth and tried to end the relationship. However if it wasn't for the fact that Christina, (yeah that's right Christina) beat Sarah for Ferret's hand she would never have left him alone. That was seven years ago and she's had a lot of time to hone her deadly skills.

    Hey, but you don't want to know about Ferret's boring life do you? Let's get back to what the kids are doing. Hmm, more groveling in front of Stone. Weaver has kindly asked that we skip the next few scenes where the kids whine for their very lives! I know…let's check and see what Ghoul's been up to shall we?

    Blue Bloods

    In recent nights Lake Park has been terrorized by the Serial Strangler. A creature that preys on primarily young women, removing various body parts which allegedly it consumes. The Police have been helpless to stop its rampage, but that does not stop thousands of citizens from using the park during all hours of the night.

    On the prowl, Ghoul noticed a lamp post dim and go out in the vicinity of a female jogger who seemed to be taking a brief respite. Sudden movement behind the bushes alerted him to the danger and he leapt out to her defense. Startled the woman wrestled with Ghoul, who unfortunately inspires that type of reaction in young women who are alone at night. This gave the Stalker the advantage it needed, and although Ghoul fought valiantly, it was in vain for the Stalker was apparently cybered out!!!

    But before Ghoul met his fate at the cold hands of the inhuman beast, salvation came in the form of an extraordinarily beautiful woman. As she approached the scene of slaughter, she radiated sheer ecstasy and power, instantly captivating both Stalker and Prey. She ordered the Stalker to depart leaving the Prey to her. She called herself Chiffon, and related to Ghoul how she had been searching many years for one such as he. Now she could have an instrument to work her will in the light of day if Ghoul would but accept a small token of her affection. Ghoul eagerly accepted the boon of blood and felt an instant love for this new benefactor.

    Extolling no favour, Chiffon merely stated that if Ghoul would desire the power to continue in his duty then she would meet him again at this same spot in one week's time. After her sudden departure, Ghoul went off into the bushes to feel his very life burn away in a cold fire, only to awaken the next morning reborn in strength and power.

    A Cop, a Hitman, and a Can of Beans

    Having decided to help Ferret out, the kids departed the building via the AV pad up top. After picking up Ghoul near the park they proceed to a mortuary where Rapture was waiting for them all. An interrogation by Mitchi and Angela followed where the kids spill just about every bean in the coffee can, save a few morsels concerning vampires. Even then it is almost too much for the veteran Mobster and Police Officer to swallow, but the information on Biotechnica and Numan Biolabs apparently checked out. Dominic Coffin may well be the mastermind behind this assassination attempt. The only question is why? No one seemed to have the answer.

    The kids get interrogated a second time by these "friendly" associates of Ferret's and then they learn that an all out strike will be made against the perpetrator of this atrocity! None other than Ferret's chief nemesis Miguel Dominguez, infamous drug runner and slave merchant. Huh, what's he got to do with Dominic Coffin and Numan Biolabs? Apparently nuthin' which leaves the kids all kinda perplexed. Ah let's face it, those adults didn't believe a word they said about Vampires, NanoAssassins, Killer Corporations, and NightStalkers.

    While the kids are not allowed to participate in the upcoming war, they are given a critical assignment none-the-less. Find Dr. Langstrom, arguably the best source of information concerning nanoviruses around. Hmm, the adults seem to give her really high regards for some reason…but she just works in a run down clinic!!? I think the GM has been watching too much Battle Angel Alita again! ;-)

    The Lost Boys

    So the troupe marches off to Santa Carla, where Dr. Langstrom is rumored to have gone in search of her child Rachel. Hmm, don't remember any record of another child? Ah, must have been given over to the government sponsored child care services for proper conditioning to become a productive citizen. Most kids from this program kinda grow up resentful of parents and childbearing which is exactly what the government intended! Ooh, played by the G-man!

    But I digress… the kids wind up at the local Walmart, no Mall out here in the sticks. Weaver thinks better than to be caught dead in a place like that, so they make their collective way down to the amusement park, where it is rumored that the Lost Boys like to hang. Rapture had some fun on a broken rollercoaster, and Tia looked absolutely dazzling in her attempt to save the suicidal Goth-chick. Ghoul just lamented her foolishness and the rest decided to move on towards the Rio Cordova Nuclear facility. Got those radiation badges handy kids?

    On the way the kids bypassed a Jamaican encampment of heavily armed Ratsas. Then near the facility, they encountered Malcolm whom Ghoul offered the proper exordium to and was allowed access for him and his cadre. Once inside they met up with Victor, the enigmatic leader of the lost Boys and his lovergirl Sandra, who was a menagerie of faces. The other Lost Boys included Brenda, Cirroque and Rank. Questions are asked and denials made concerning a little lost girl by the name of Langstrom.

    As the heroes departed to regroup and plan their next move, they wee intercepted by Cirroque. Booth had noted that Cirroque was concealing something amidst the questioning. Cirroque informed the heroes that a girl by the name of Alice had been captured by the Boyz and they intended to bring her over that very night! He was fearful for her life (there may have been a relationship here who knows) and pleaded for the heroes to rescue her.. The noble heroes knocked poor Cirroque out, tied him up and left him to his fate. What do you bet his friends will not be too pleased when they find this treacherous dog. But they will be thankful you guys trussed him up so he couldn't get away.

    Sneaking back they entered the sacrificial chamber just in time to interrupt the "sacrifice." The Lost Boys were none too pleased, especially for being attacked in their sacred domain, "Curse you for Defiling Tradition Ghoul!" They fought back with a vengeance. Malcolm could turn himself into a black ooze and asphyxiate people. However Tia discovered that the ooze was highly flamable, OUCH! Sira, on the other hand, discovered that Victor, while not a vampire, may have vampiric nanites and she could feel her nanites being eaten at his touch.

    Rapture sought to valiantly extricate her friend Siar from the deadly clutches of Victor, but fell victim to the vampiric nanites herself. She turned to Weaver for help, but the cowering lad choose that moment to unleash the fury of his sword on his forsaken friend. Blood sprayed everywhere as a katana ripped threw the air and a few of Blade's "special" Daggers were thrown! In the end they did manage to kiss and make-up…well partly.

    On the other side of the battle field, Booth discovered just how effective a shotgun pistol can be when fired at point blank range into the chest of a thirteen year old kid. Rank, suffering a huge sucking chest wound begged for his life. Later Booth decided to ditch the Shotgun pistol for a less crippling implement of his wrath. Way to shame him Sira!

    In the background Ghoul managed to subdue Sandra without resorting to flame broiling, psychic mind frying, or shotgun stimuli.

    The Lost Boys defeated, Booth came up with a bold plan. Use Victors ability to leech out nanites to effect a cure on Christina Hernandez. The rest figured that this was a great idea (or at three a.m. no one had the mental capacity to offer a better solution), so after emptying a tazer cartridge into Victor they figured he was out for a while.

    Outside Ghoul informed everyone that Rapture was giving them all the silent treatment until her penance was over. There was much relief from the party and Weaver asked just how long can this blessing last!

    Hoodoo Hoodlums

    There was some small discussion as how to best approach the Jamaican encampment outdoors. The heroes had learned that Dr. Langstrom was picked up by their sentries the other night and was still within the encampment. Before things drug out too long a couple of Rastas on patrol stumble into the group and take them hostage. All but Rapture, who managed to keep her mouth shut!

    The following has been Weaverized. You have been warned!

    When the headman DeShade showed up in all his voodoo glory, Weaver got a case of the giggles and couldn't stop. Imitating the Boss was probably an ESPECIALLY bad idea and all of a sudden, he's running off with a bunch of crawly slimy snakes in his pants! Running in terror and pell-mell with no sense of purpose or direction...hey, what ARE the odds that he could accidentally RAM his face into Rapture's outstretched fist?!! But there she was, after having separated from the party following her vow of silence for the REST of the evening and having avoided CAPTURE by the badguys...what the heck, she got captured because she couldn't resist clockin' OUR HERO one more time!!!

    People settle down and a deal is made. "Ok, how's...uh, this? YOU don't kill us and WE do some kinda favor for you!!" So it seems he wants a little package delivered from THERE!!! There being some silly bar on the outskirts of NachtCity...another Jamaican hideout. The Boss-mon, he assure us there be NO danger for you me! Owner BIG good friend of mine and he be WAITING for this package so DON'T be screwin' around!!! Piece o' cake, yeah...why is it ticking? Or...waitaminute!! That sounds more like it''s beating...!!!

    Yeah, look...let's just get in the car.

    Beforehand, the gang had discussed matters with Doc Langstrom who is with the Jamaicans out of her OWN free will (seems she was gonna get THEM to help extract her daughter). We PROMISE that we'll look after the kid and try and keep her from spitting on the Doc, and she says she'll be back at the clinic real soooooon.


    Weaver thought it'd be a good idea to get disguises (something other than the death-mask paint he's not sure why he's wearing) because his clothes just look too kewl to be doing this sort of thing. Besides, this could be trouble and just this once, it might be a good idea to avoid being recognized. Besides, it's WELL after midnite at a Walmart, fr' cryin' out loud!!! He'll be in and out in two sweat!

    There is nothing worse in this game than low-tech security. Sure enuff, he gets chased by a dog and then this terrible apparition rears up in front of him. A short, sleazy, greasy looking kid with terrible hair, dorky glasses, a Flintstones pajama top, Dale-shorts, and butt-ugly sandals...and he says somethin' like, "ehhhh...what's goin' on here..?" Weaver PLOWS into this kid and bowls him over and races for the exit..flush with glorious triumph!

    Which means, of course, that something went wrong. Sure enuff, a few miles away Weave noticed that his wallet was missing and it DIDN'T fall out when he was tearing his pants off because of the SNAKES! and Rapture didn't have it (but her to talk!!!) and so it was back to the store and QUIT bein' a whiner-grrrrl, Sira!!!

    Sure enuff, the kid's waitin' for him with the dog on a leash tied to a counter. "So ok, so you've, eh, maybe got me over a little, y'know, barrel here. Ok, fine...let's be civilized. Right, you, eh, want outta this one-shop town, am I right? eh...of course I'm right...fine! I'll, eh...I'll take you back with me to Night City and, y'know...ehhhhh, set you up somewhere, ehhhhhhh, sweet. yeah."

    "Nah...I just wanted to, uhh, make a deal with you. Y'know, trade stuff! Kewl!"

    Ok, two notches lower on the stupid-o-tron than Weave expected but he can deal with this. And the kid wants GUNS to sell to the Jamaicans?!! That IS sweet...they'll probably kill him LONG before Weaver'd even have to DO anything in arranging the deal. "So ok, yeah sure." But then the punk says how he's made some calls, 'specially the number on the back of the photo of the good-lookin girl. "Yeah, she sounds kinda nice..."

    Weaver leaps across the counter and attacks!! Pent-up mallbrat fury explodes in a flurry of furious fisticuffs and the rival is down...puncha-puncha!!! The desperate Walmartbrat stammers and threatens that he's got a vicious DOG!!!

    "Yeah, well maybe NEXT time you won't be so, eh, stupid as ta leave 'im tied up on a whadaycall, LEASH!!" puncha-puncha-puncha!!! Once Weave's through with his therapy, he chides the idiot some MORE for not taking up his first offer and then forces him to help carry these extra Jonny Blade dolls out to the trunk of the car. "YEAH, ya luzer-boy...and DON'T scrunch the, eh, PACKAGING!!!"

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