RUN #2


    The PCs (Chi Chi, Diomedes, Weaver) survived their trip to the Slammer...barely. Weaver rebuffs Rapture's attempts to get him down in the Pit with a member of Maelstrom and even managed to serve drinks and ultimately slip away from the deadly clutches of several of that gang who wanted to toss the ever-so-bold-one down in there and see how far he'd bounce. Skragg of the Mega-Violents was the next brain-damaged fool to brave serious injury, seeming to enjoy the massive beating that his mind-deadened body was forced to endure. Evading further Rapture-ruckus, Weaver and Electra finally found the kinda-gross Jimmy Rotten who first had to be assured that Electra was NOT for sale. And NO, Weaver wasn't for sale either! Convinced that these are actually THOSE kids (ahhhh...), he handed over the mysterious datachip.

    Dare we say it...meanwhile, Diomedes and Chi Chi are bounced out of the club after they attempted to FORCE their way past Club Security whose job it is to kick the butts of REAL Gangers MUCH tougher than the aforementioned pair-of-dare. From the inside they were tossed to the outside and into the waiting arms of even MORE gangers who, in a further fit of sheer GM-ruthlessness, thrashed the two soundly. Diomedes actually tried to put up a defense which angered them and caused them to increase their intensity; while Chi-chi's technique to roll over and whimper angered them even MORE and they wailed on him! But all good things must end and Jimmy Rotton didn't have all THAT much Champaign and hors'doeuvres, which caused Weaver and Electra to say, "urp...excuse me...guess we've had enough!" and hop over that there fence to breathless freedom.

    BUT there's good news! Good ol' Diomedes DID get to beat up on some Black Queens who tried to intervene in his attempt to throttle Rapture for getting him into this mess in the first place. Queenies beaten, Diomedes thumps his chest and moves on, rejoining the others and heading back for home.

    Before returning to the mall the kids check into a local free-clinic run by a Dr. Langstrom for treatment. Dimo and Chich were kindy bruisey and Weave got a splinter and figured, you know, better get a tetanus shot. Later, they got some new clothes at the mall and Electra said she's real tired and just wants to go hoo-ooome!! Also, after Weaver slammed Lego of the Tinker-tots for being totally lame and not willing to give with ANY of the info or rewards for this adventure (Prol'ly cuz he doesn't KNOW anything and he's already spent ALL of his allowance at Radio Shack for the week) and pretty much elbowed his way to being in CHARGE of this here mission, she probably felt she wasn't needed anymore. Hey, not like ANYbody would've even got through the front door of the Slammer if it hadn't been for HIM! Take a bow, Weaver! And another! And another!! Have some bonus eps TOO!!! Ok, I'm knockin' it off! So anyway, off they go, travelin' downtown to Club XTC for the delivery of the chip.

    There they meet Stone, Ex-Solo and owner of the club. He does not seem to be too thrilled about working with a bunch of kids, but nevertheless offers his thanks and some free food. The disc is dropped off and will apparently be put in the hands of members of the Eden Cabal...whoever they are! Curiosity gets the better of the tykes as they take a peek into this near-legendary den of cool Cyberpunks, Solo's, Fixers, and Corpers. Their spying does not go unnoticed as the kids later have a run-in with the NightStalkers, one of the premiere Euro-Teams, who had been imbibing drinks at said establishment. Boy, that was one kewl flying car those guys have at their beck and call,and one should wonder what they (the Nightstalkers, dummy!) are doing in Night City; but the kids are WAY too ignorant to consider such savvy speculation. Then again, they may just be WAY to smart to question guys who could shoot 'em and bury the bodies before they even got an action!

    Back at the Mall, there has been a vicious attack on some unfortunate child who was found half-dead in an alleyway and rushed to Night City General-East Side. The kids discover that this was, of course, Electra, and further investigations lead them into a bizarre mystery centered around recent attacks in this vicinity. All the victims seemed to have been treated at one time or another at Dr. Langstrom's clinic, patients of her partner at the clinic, the mysterious Dr. Camby. This Doc Camby has recently dissapeared, though he always kept very strange hours. His main contribution had always been his ability to find mysterious-but-wealthy benefactors to pony up the big-money dough to keep the charitable institution open

    The attack on the poor innocent child garners an unusual amount of media attention (never really sure why...her family is well-off but not mega-rich or anything...) and soon the public goads the police into crawling and canvassing all over the area. Actually, more than a few kids have been disappearing lately and the villagers are getting ready with their torches and pitchforks. Unfortunately, all of this activity by the police gets a certain fixer named Ferret awfully worried about his hidden arms stash at the East-End Mall. Ferret arranges for a special delivery to be made by his mallbrat-toady, Weaver. Face-to-face, Ferret explains to Weaver that the current situation with the police is just plain bad for business and he implies firmly, with no sense of subtlety or ambiguity at all, that Weaver better do something about it, or else...!

    I always hate the "or else...!" part.

    Desperately meanwhile, a Reverend Horton of the Church of the United Dawn has entered the scenario and has managed to galvanize the we're-ready-to-become-a-mob locals into anxious action to stop this vicious serial killer. The Rev believes...oh, it's just obvious...that this savage murderer of young kid gang members really MUST be associated with some young kids' gang. Well, of course!

    The heroes, staying well clear of the police, attempt to investigate on their own. In an alleyway they corner the killer feeding on some helpless prey and cause him to flee...down, down, down into the sewers. Rapture suddenly appears to offer her help in the pursuit (what could be more dangerous, right?), but the kids get cold feet or rather, rational minds prevail, and they decide to confer with some ArcoRunners first. The ArcoRunners explain that THAT section of the sewer is VERBOTEN...what, are you NUTS!!! It's infested with Wraiths, creatures that were bio-engineered to hunt down rats, stray dogs, cats, small children, and other sewer inhabitants. However, the Wraiths did a little too good of a job clearing out undesirables, grew to sizes beyond their designer-specs, and wound up occasionally attacking civil engineers and any other tasty tidbits that dropped by.

    Armed with this knowledge the kids wound up heading down into the sewers anyway (no, I don't remember how this happened) and down THERE they encountered a NEW, strange individual (gosh, this plot is jam-packed!), Nichobean, the Stalker-of-the-East-End-Sewers, who tells them that the killer they seek is not a beast, but a MAN!! And not just a normal man, oh no, but a who has been driven mad by a terrible sickness that runs through his very blood and who has been known to heal the poor, sick, desperate children who come into the free-clinic on the East Side of NightCity...! Definitely sounds like the badguy of the piece.

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