RUN #3


    Distressed at the plight of their friend, the heroes soon discovered that the nefarious Dr. Camby walked into Allyson's hospital, signed a few papers, and supposedly transferred her to a special clinic in the 'burbs. As they departed the terrific tykes had a run-in with Reverend Horton who was giving an impromptu news conference in front of the Hospital. He proclaimed that wild street kids - such as THESE (only pointing to Diomedes, really, because Weaver had quickly darted behind cover) - are a plague that's running rampant throughout the city.

    The kids ditched both the Reverend and the press by running around a corner. Suddenly, from overhead a noise was heard as a figure fell out of a four-story window. With expert grace Diomedes nimbly dodged out of the way, but poor Weaver was caught like a deer in the headlights as Rapture broke her fall with HIS soft body. Unfortunately Rapture's hospital score...3 litres of plasma, broke open from the impact and drenched both of them.

    There followed a botched attempt to lift Reverend Horton's van. Rapture, it seems, is NOT quite the "hot-wiring" expert she made out to be (Safety tip: Players should never become too dependent on NPCs). So the kids were off towards the clinic via Goth Transport! Uhmmm...explain that please. Turns out this is high-speed vehicle hopping, leaping from the sides and tops of speeding buses, trucks and vans...very dangerous, be real careful!

    Did I mention that the heroes overheard the hospital dispatcher talking to an ambulance driver who was still waiting to transport Alyson to the clinic? Dr. Camby couldn't have falsified those records, no WAY!! Would this cruel GM allow the players to choke on a Red Herring??? You betcha, gotta keep 'em honest. So the whole foray to the suburban clinic was a bust, although they DID get to perform a little breaking and entering and MAY have waltzed out with a computer file of useful medical data. They also checked out the Doc's apartment, which had been stripped totally clean...although somewhere in here, Weaver found papers suggesting that Camby's financial backing for the clinic generally came from "Numan," a mysterious, small time R&D company, obviously a front for another, presumabely huge, pharmeceutical corporation.

    The heroes returned to the clinic, waving again to the MIB's parked outside. Here they discovered that Dr. Camby had been ordering expensive medical equipment which never made it to the clinic. Wow...a real clue!

    Weaver smelled a paper trail and went to Ferret for some info, and he decided to bring Diomedes along for support. Frankly, the kid's getting skittish and felt that just walking around on the outside was NO way was Diomedes considered a BODYGUARD by Weaver against Ferret!!! Weaver didn't want to upset the crime boss ya see. Well, Ferret got some information from a source named Winter that the shipments NEVER left the train yards. Ah ha, The TRAIN yards! As the kids rushed out Ferret interrupted, "Oh and Guido, as you show the kids out, be sure to break Weavil's right thumb. No offense kid, but let this be a lesson; ya shoulda informed me you were bringing a friend...yeah."

    "But I swear, he's not my..." Weaver blanched as heroic Diomedes hurled himself in front of the brutal assault of Guido. WHA-BAM!!!

    Dale: "Well heck...I thought Guardians were supposed to be TOUGH, Mr. GM?"

    Mr. GM: "Gosh Dale, they ARE against other GANGERS, not trained ASSASSINS who also play defense on the Night City Hockey Team...Sheesh!"

    Ultimately arriving at the train yards...slowed by the random queasiness, whining, and fainting spells of poor, Broken-Thumb-Weaver who's certainly NOT at all used to things like PAIN...the kids discovered that Dr. Camby has hooked four railcars together, creating a bizarre lab. Lotsa infected blood, helpless people hooked up to IV's (including Alyson who was heroically rescued!), and a weird but empty crypt are discovered (WHAT diabolical...uhmm, THING once resided in the crypt? Boy, good question!). No sign of the kindly doctor, which only reinforced the twisted theory that the cadaverous Camby was really a dark stalker-of-the-night, blood-guzzlin', fang-barin', fr' real, stinking vampire! Sure, it's pretty far-fetched but, interestingly enough, packets of the infected blood exposed to sunlight would inexplicably burst into flame!

    Later that night mean ol' Dr. Camby tracked the heroes back to the mall. Heroes?...well, I meant Weaver, who was by this time all tucked away in his snug, warm bed and wearing his kewl Jonny Blade pajamas. There was much vampiric-posturing as the Doc demanded the return of the tasty lil' girl, Alyson. Seems that she and the others of his "victims" had the "Right Stuff" a certain blood type that could be mutated by the injection of a special serum which would transform their blood into a new form which the doctor needed to stem the terrible effects of his own fearsome uhmmm, drinking it! Yup, that's the plot. Anyway, it looks pretty grim for our hero as Alyson has already been returned to her family and the kids had already taken their bows...but even deranged M.D.'s can fall for the OLD tricks, and Weaver managed to distract him and duck away, fleeing for his life! Grenades started to fly, courtesy of Rapture, who had apparently pulled a raid on some of Ferret's weapon stash (a sudden chill went up Weaver's spine as he realized his TRUE danger!!). The running battle (they battled, Weaver ran) led to Hotsa Pizza and poor Alfonzo was drawn into the fight. A fiery blast of shotgun action and then he was quickly taken out. But by then the wily Weaver had fled to the outside and managed to corral the local fuzz STILL hanging around the area and managed to get them involved and dealing with the dire menace.

    Dr. Camby managed to get away but got his butt kicked later by Diomedes (well, sorta...) and the dreaded Stalker-of-the-Sewers! Said Stalker (who made it sound like he knew the Doc and didn't like him at all!) also had a run-in with Diomedes, but the bold, young protector-of-the-sector remembers very little of that...only that everything suddenly went black and that this game-system is TOTALLY unfair!! But at least for the time being, the cruel practitioner of perfidy has been defeated, his bizarre lab confiscated by Ferret's goon squad, and Ferret's remaining weapons moved out of the danger-packed mall right under the cops' collective noses during all the chaos and confusion (said move arranged by our hero, the Weaver-man!). Yup, with absolutely no REAL combat skills to help them (siddown, Dale!) the heroes had won their first epic battle.

    EPILOGUE: Ferret told Weezer to keep the missing sword (the one Rapture stole) as a token of his appreciation.

    Rapture also came up with a wild theory that Dr. Camby was REALLY a ghoul that needed to feed on the blood of vampires. "Ok, see...when he broke away from his master (the Stalker-of-the-Sewers) he tried to create synthetic Vampire Blood by using the...the desiccated corpse (yeah...!) that musta been in the crypt to infect the blood of living donors (Alyson and everyone else!). This would give him...oh...a potentially ETERNAL supply of sustenance!'s so KEWL!!"

    "Oh yeah, right Rapture, like that's got a CHANCE of being true!!" ;-)

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