RUN #5

  • The Maltese Manuscript

    The Game notes are being compiled. Highlights include:

  • Introduction of a New PC, Booth
  • Introduction of a New NPC, Morgana
  • Weaver tries to return the sword to Ferret
  • Encounter with a new gang called the Deacon's
  • Trip to the theatre, and discovery of a manuscript of some book called "The Maltese Falcon"
  • Talk with Outlette about the value of the alleged manuscript
  • Khan assembles his forces in Lake Park for a meeting
  • Someone blows up the East end mall!!! Poor Weaver.
  • Return trip to the mall does not net the manuscript only a shriveled corpse!


    Weaver, exhausted from YET another long night, throws his coat over the chair in the small hotel room he's rented for the evening and flops down on the bed. Not in the right state of "tired" to sleep, however, he picks up the remote and turns on the Vid-Screen. Flicking through the program offerings he notes with curiosity that "The Maltese Falcon" is listed as coming on in five minutes on 2-D Movie Classics. He taps it in and orders room service and then repairs to the bathroom to take his regular health pills ("you know, eh, you can never be too careful...").

    He sighs as he stares at himself in the mirror. Assuming, as now seems reasonable, that the whole Mall-Incident is all some big scam of Ferret's; the oh-so-clever wheeler-dealer imagines he just MIGHT be having an important meeting tomorrow...yeah. He licks his lips, satisfied. The Hi-Protein snack he's ordered should keep him alert and at THIS late point in the evening...why bother trying to sleep? He pulls his Wakey-Wakey pills out of his jacket and sets them next to the sink.

    As usual, the escapade with Diomedes and this new guy, Booth, has brought him zero profit. Well, other than the 2,500 Euro from that Prof. Nathaniel guy and the assurance that he DARNED well better have at least ONE quality favor coming to him from those Eden Cabal clowns!! Doesn't SEEM like he's created any NEW problems while doing any of that stuff at least...but looks can sometimes be deceiving. "Hmmmm...there's gotta be some way to get those passes out from around Rapture's neck...heh, and MY neck too! Don't want my good buddy Stone to be feelin' he has to, eh, cripple know...or worse! Neh, at least the gangs are lookin' to deal with those rat-boys of Horton's. Yeeeeah, should be able to scratch THAT one off pretty soon. Geez, 25K and I know Outlette was STILL fleecin' me...gotta find out what that manuscript is' this guy Khan..? Gotta be some bucks in that, somehow! Yeah, lotta big scores, gonna make the BIG time...fill this WHOLE room with cash...!"

    A knocking on the door interrupts the eclectic, "money-dance," and he grudgingly accepts his late-night meal, wisely granting a reasonable tip to the busboy. He munches as the movie plays, easily making it through to the end and marveling at those immortal words, "It doesn't matter what you thought of him...he was your partner and you gotta do somethin' about it..."

    Weary Weaver sat on the coach pondering the significance of what he had just watched when a rapping was heard at the window. In a health pill-induced haze and with little regard for his personal safety, Weaver went over the window to see who could be a tapping, tapping at my...(OOOps I forgot this isn't Poe). Not seeing anything, but the flickering of numerous neon lights out of the 14 story of his suite, he turned and headed back to the coach. As he turned, he caught a shadow move outside in the darkness.

    Quickly Weaver spun around and with temerity threw open the window. He was suddenly blown back by an acrid wind and stumbled over his sword, sprawling helplessly to the ground. Out of the darkness a figure emerged...She invaded his temporary residence like a dark spectre of doom. The moonlight gleamed off of two small fangs which highlighted her perfect mouth.

    "Brigid, er, I mean Rapture what are you doing here?" Weaver said as he picked himself up of the carpet, he was desperately looking around for a light switch.

    She approached and put her hands up to his cheeks and drew his face up. "Look at me," She said, "and tell me the truth. Would you have done this to me if the falcon manuscript had been real and you had paid your money?"

    "What difference does it make now? Don't be too sure I'm as crooked as I'm supposed to be. That kind of reputation might be good business--bringing in high-priced jobs and making it easier to deal with the enemy."

    She looked at him saying nothing.

    He moved his shoulders a little and said: "Well, a lot of money would have been at least one more item on the other side of the scales."

    She put her face up to his face. Her mouth was slightly open with lips a little thrust out. She whispered: "If you loved me you'd need nothing more on that side."

    Weaver set the edges of his teeth together and said through them: "I won't play the sap for you."

    She put her mouth to his, slowly, her arms around him, and came into his arms. She was in his arms when the doorbell rang.

    And rang...

    Another ring...

    Weaver, opened his eyes to the early morning rays of sunlight coming through the window. He was curled up in bed intertwined with the sheets and snuggled up to the oversized pillow.

    "Oh boy, gotta layoff that late night sushi."

    He picked up the phone.

    Yeah...Weaver here.

    He heard Toni's voice on the other end. "Hey kid its half past six. Where are you?"


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