RUN #6


    Weaver, Diomedes, Booth, and Merrell.


    Booth has been looking into the disappearance of his mentor Nathaniel. From what he has been able to uncover, with Morgana's help is that Nathaniel came to Night City 5 years ago, but any records of his previously life have been forged. It does seem that he was a mild acquaintance of Dr. Camby and that they had lunch together on a few occasions.

    Booth was also able to identify the Corper who visited the theatre during the altercation, a Dominic Coffin, Chairman of Numan Industries. The same Numan Industries that provided Dr. Camby with his grant money.

    Diomedes in the meantime has been investigating the Khan, whom he believes to be a Guardian originally. However, Diomedes efforts have been hampered by the mass defection of Guardians who seem to be evenly split in the Khan's and Deacon's camps! Diomedes was able to fathom that the Khan was attempting to Unite the Gangs, but his purpose seems shrouded in mystery. One notable exception to the Khan's call are the Rads, who will have none of what the Khan is preaching!

    Finally Weaver was asked by Ferret do a favor for a friend by the name of The Mogul. Weaver instantly thought this could be a buyer for the Falcon manuscript, Cha-ching! With Rapture tagging along, Weaver visited the Mogul's high-rise office in Corporate Center and accepted a retainer to find a missing film titled "The Exorcist." Once outside, Rapture decided to Dumptruck dive off the 97th floor…fortunately a Combat cab broke her fall 50 floors down with its rear windshield and trunk. Rapture of course escaped unscathed.

    In order to find the film Weaver needed to cut Outlette in on the action, much to his chagrin, but at least the Scampi was good. She provided information leading eventually to a Jeremiah Roberts living in Block 17 near the combat zone.


    Weaver, definitely needing some muscle, decided to head back to the Mall to pick up his fellow Guardian pal Diomedes. Concurrently, Booth decided to drop into Morgana's nest to check up on how she was doing and to get some further information on Nathaniel. Lastly a new kid Merrell, looking hopelessly lost in the East End got accosted outside the mall by Skragg and Company.

    Diomedes, noting a poor female in distress went to her rescue while Weaver contacted Tony, his security pal for some backup. Weaver under the impression that Tony and some of "Da Boyz" would soon make an appearance to save his bacon, boldly ventured forth outside as well to confront the MegaViolents. Of course Tony did the sensible thing by calling on the Deacons to intervene instead, besides it's just a buncha kids right? This did not amuse Weaver! ;-)

    Up in her roost Morgana and Booth spy on the confrontation outside and also go to intervene. Morgana seemed to be a bit surer of herself lately.

    Skragg, Blade, and "Reformed" Roxi pegged Merrell for what she is, a "GoldenKid." They therefore want her to pay dues for slumming on their turf! Diomedes intervened and a fight between him and Skragg ensued. Skragg shows off his new hand, with rippers as the battle raged on. However, two good blows to the gut and Skragg is on the ground calling for his mommy.

    Before Roxi and Blade can step in, the Deacons show up in force and chastise Roxi for her wanton behavior, apprehend Skragg, and have a few words with our heroes. Blade, being a smart lad decided to fight his battle another day and slinked off into the shadows.

    Well Merrell it seems has got Money, which made her a friend of Weaver's IMMEDIATELY.

    Next all the Kids went to the East End Clinic where Diomedes got some of Dr. Langstrom's helpful healing ministrations. While tending to Diomedes, Dr. Langstrom informed the crew that the secured freezer was broken into last night and cleared out of all the remaining packets of Dr. Camby's contaminated blood. She was however able to determine that the virus appeared to be susceptible to UV radiation and had a short life span, no more than say a week. It is highly contagious however, but fortunately not airborne. Concerned that some of the characters could have been infected by Rapture, Dr. Langstrom took blood samples and everyone came out clean, except for Morgana who refused to be tested for some reason. Her excuse was a fear of needles, but the other characters are beginning to become suspicious.

    Next stop is the NCU Mall, where the kids had lunch with Outlette. After introductions are made she took Weaver off to the side and informed him that Morgana appeared to have suffered from the Carbon Death! Weaver watched as his friends happily munch away with a voracious Morgana. Taking precautions Weaver and Outlette returned and a plan is put in motion.

    Diomedes, Booth and Merrell will head to the Roberts apartment, while Weaver and Outlette grabbed ANOTHER table, order some food and talk price! Morgana headed back to the Mall all by herself, "Thank God, I thought she would never leave." It appeared to the MallBrats that they may have found a Wizard, one of those rare and highly sought after Evolved types. Negotiations turned a little sour for the Weave-kid, and Outlette stuck him with the bill!

    The other kids discovered the Roberts living in near poverty and make an offer for the film, $600 Euro. Merrell easily covered the payment. However, before they leave with the film Jeremiah asked if they could visit his sick daughter Catherine. She seemed to be suffering from headaches and was hearing voices. Her Grandmother, a very religious woman, informed them that she was possessed by the devil.

    Intrigued the heroes venture into Catherine's room, suspecting she may have been a victim of the Carbon Death. Once inside, Catherine explained how the headaches started shortly after her mother's death. She is afraid her mother is trapped in hell and has been calling Catherine to come save her. It is at this point the Grandma burst in and accused Catherine of being a heretic. Catherine responded with a violent telekinetic outburst, knocking Grandma unconscious.

    The kids decided to take Catherine with them for help, but on the way out were accosted by Deacon's sent by Reverend Horton to bring Catherine to church where an exorcism will be performed. The heroes got into a fight, Weaver sent a Combat Cab to the rescue, but before it can arrive the Archangels Mercy and Raphael showed up and are given poor Catherine. The heroes head back to the East End mall with the film, but it was a hollow victory.

    Not for Weaver! He was tickled pink by the return of the film. However, the deal with the Mogul goes sour as unforeseen circumstances arose, leveraging the Mogul's assets to the point where he could not effect payment!

    For the Reader, Merrell is the Mogul's only daughter. When she spied Weaver and Rapture at her father's office she was intrigued and so decided to spend a day slumming with the downsiders. Unfortunately for Weaver and all the other fingers in the pie, her frequent drain on the Mogul's resources during this enterprise threw a monkey wrench into the whole reward scheme. This left Weaver holding the bag, or film as the case was.

    In the meantime Rapture and Diomedes decided to head off to church to see an exorcism. Rapture who did not make an appearance until that night was very intrigued about stories concerning young Catherine and the Angels!

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