RUN #7


    STARRING: Weaver, Diomedes, Booth, and Sira

    A new member joins the gang, a Guardian medic by the name of Sira. She's from Seattle and ever since she came down with the Carbon Flu has been on the run. Her M.O.? She helps out at hospitals, clinics and the such to gain the expertise she needs to train her little nano-helpers. Currently she has hooked up with Dr. Langstrom at the East-End Clinic who could use the help. See with the departure of Dr. Camby, Doc Langstrom has been burning the candle at both ends and could use the extra hands.

    Sira soon discovers that the clinic harbors many secrets, one of them being a refuge for kids with the plague. During one of Doc Langstrom's downtimes (she's been doing A LOT of stims), an Edgerunner and boardpunk come a callin, his name's Johnny, the kid's name is Slink. It appears that they came to pick up a kid from the secret basement. Of course Sira helps them with the take-out.

    Meanwhile Diomedes and Rapture head off to Horton's church where they arrive just in time to see a BuReloc and CDC van pull out. Inside the church they have a throw down with some rude Deacons, then in pops Mercy. Things get real interesting as Rapture, fully convinced she has joined with the legions of the night, and Diomedes go two-on-one with Horton's angelic bodyguard. What can I say even Solo's blow a stun check every once in a while, and so it was with Mercy. She will never live this one down I'm telling ya!

    Alas they discover that poor Catherine was taken away by the CDC to the Fresno facility. Reverend Horton, being a major bad guy, escaped unscathed. Injured, they decide to beat feet for the Clinic to get some of Doc Langstrom's loving administrations.

    Meanwhile back at the mall, Weaver is still trying to unload the film, but Outlette continues to ignore him. Me thinks the kid might be developing a crush on 'Lette.

    "Hey kid, over here."

    Usually these words when spoken from the shadows would suggest EXTREME caution to the recipient. Not to Booth, who wanders over into the shadows and is face to er…Shadow with the mysterious stranger from the sewers. Okay his names Nicobean, which in itself should suggest caution since it denotes major NPC.

    Nicobean suggests that if Booth wants to learn more about the disappearance of his mentor Nathan he should investigate this, and tosses him a worn silver coin. On one side is a raised rose on the other is an inscription which reads ACELDAMA (Gr. Field of Blood). With the assistance of Morgana, who also encrypts everyone's phones, the kids find out that there was an exclusive club in SF by that name. They decide to check it out later.

    At the Clinic Sira helps heal up Diomedes, but when it comes to Raptures turn, things get ugly as Sira's nanites have a violent reaction with Raptures contaminated blood! Weaver fearing the Plague heads outside. Rapture lies helpless on one of the beds downstairs, as the advanced stages of the plague ravage her body. Everyone else tries to calm Weaver down, who is convinced that a.) Stone WILL find out, and b.) will blame/kill Weaver for it.

    So was does our intrepid entrepreneur decide to do during this latest anxiety attack? Why cut some deals chummer! He's come up with this brilliant idea to contact Guido, who's running Ferret's affairs while the Big Boss is out of town on no doubt urgent business. So off go the kids to Night City Coliseum where the Slashers are playing divisional rivals the Annihilators.

    Now to make sense of that night's Sportcenters "play of the day" you need to know that Guido was taking a lot of flack concerning his goal tending duties. He was only five goals away from surrendering a new season record and the Slasher's have three more games to go!

    So after giving up 4 goals in the first two periods, Guido was not amused that a two bit MallBrat wanted to discuss business during the break! He wasn't hearing any of it, ya understand. And when the little runt wouldn't shut-up Guido ordered the boys to dress the kid up and put him out on the ice!

    Weaver, stood transfixed out there in the center of the rink as 300lb bodies smashed together in violent, bloody conflict all about him. He vainly tried to push his way over to the penalty box with his stick when all of a sudden THWAK! There it was, the puck. Guido, with a big toothy grin had passed him the puck!

    "Go get 'em kid"

    Shock, Terror, dismay soon vanished into pure survival instinct as numerous lumbering opponents built up speed and homed in on poor defenseless Weaver. He did the only thing he could think of…he gave that puck a smack!

    Sirens went off as the goal was scored.

    Unfortunately for Weaver he scored off his own team. Guido was not amused!

    Later recovering from his numerous scrapes and bruises Weaver managed to finally sell off the reel of film. It wasn't a big score, and there were a lot of people to pay-off, and the recognition wasn't on par with what transpired out on the ice, but it was a beginning.

    I only ask you this, is the money worth the price paid in blood?

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