RUN #8



    John Wilkes "Booth"
    Spell "Weaver"
    "Morgana" Le Fay

    Guest Starring:
    Egg Chen
    Little Dragon
    The Mummy
    The Headless Horseman
    Dr. Franken- "Camby"
    The Monster


    The heroes decide to take a little road trip up to SF in search of Aceldama. All they could uncover from the InfoNet via Morgana is that Aceldama was the name of a saloon that burned down in 1898. Sira rustled up some contacts she had with a Nomad pack passing through town on their way north and arranged for her and her friends to tag along, much to their eventual dismay.

    Arriving in SF Weaver sought out the nearest mall -naturally- where they met the local MallBrat, Little Dragon. Little Dragon provided the company with some great discount merchandise as well as a valuable contact who could help them find this Aceldama. The name of the contact, why Egg Chen of course!

    Egg Chen is semi-retired and runs a Chinese herbal medicine store. Dealing in all kinds of medicine, Egg has catered to some of SF's most exclusive and exotic clientele. At the mention of Aceldama, Egg recalls a club by that name, and provides the party with an address (no he's not over 130). When shown the silver medallion, Egg states that a man paid with just that type of coin a couple weeks ago. The description of the man matches that of Doc. Camby's.

    The kids run down to the address supplied by Egg. The neighborhood is a little run down and the address leads to an alleyway between buildings. Finally the kids come to their senses and decide to come back in the morning, but it is too late as a gang of Goths chase them into the alleyway where they seek shelter behind a heavy steel door. The echoing cries of the Goths can still be heard outside in the rain, but it doesn't appear that they will BRAVE the alley for some reason.


    Inside they discover a run down bar and club. The club itself is done in dark mahoganies and black marble. There are no windows, as the club is actually sunken down below street level. By the accumulation of dust, it does not appear that anyone has been inside for years. In the back recesses of the club they discover an office with a book written in a foreign script. They also discover a storeroom with stairs leading down into a basement.

    Hoping to discover an exit the heroes rush off down to the basement where they enter a dark room with paintings hanging on the walls. At the far end is a lit grinning Jack-o-Lantern. Wandering around in the dark, Weaver accidentally stumbles into a trussed up solo, who he recognizes as being one of the NightStalkers (Elite Euro Solo). Very dead I might add.

    From a side recess Jack appears. A man in his mid twenties with long red hair done in a ponytail. He wears cut up jeans, mismatched shoes, A t-shirt with a smily face and sports a black blazer. Comically dressed, it is his ageless face that spooks the characters.

    Jack tells the party that he is grateful for the present (them) Nicobean has offered. He thinks this is much better than Dominic's attempt to curry favors, indicating the slain Stalker. He relates to the party his own story (tale of the Jack-o-lantern) and explains to them that in the tradition of Samhain's festival, some torches down bellow need to be extinguished and relit from the fires of Prometheus. Of course his own fear of fire prevents him from doing this. If the party consents to performing this *trick,* Jack promises a special *treat.* The party has no idea what this means.

    Jack tells them that all will become clearer after they die. Suddenly the lantern and torch blow out as four gunshots echo through the darkness. The kids are helpless as they are placed into coffins, nailed up, and covered with soil. Morgana's muffled screams are the last sounds they hear before oblivion…

    …Each kid awakes in a coffin buried underground. Soon they discover that the coffins have rotten bottoms and they plummet down into a dark chamber below. With only a single lighter, the kids wander around in the dark amidst the skeletal remains of Jacks' victims. Soon a waterway is discovered, being the only exit, the heroes plunge in. The water is cold and the ceiling seems to move…upon closer examination, rats are seen all over the walls and ceiling. After wading through the chest high water for 10 meters they come to a dead end, except the current continues to run below.

    In a scene reminiscent of the Poseidon Adventure the heroes boldly venture forth underwater and enter the Promethean chamber. A marble statue rests in the back of a stone chamber with a flame spurting forth from it's hands. The characters also notice some armored statues and make quick work of a couple of ancient spears to create torches. Then using the conical helms the players keep a small flame alive as they pass back under the water way. As they depart they pull a lever in the chamber and feel a slight rumbling.


    As they enter the main chamber again, they notice a passage way has opened to the north. They travel down the passageway and enter an elaborate burial chamber, with accompanying sarcophagus. Sira quickly dashes out the flame in a censor and while trying to re-light it the lid to the sarcophagus begins to move. A mummified corpse emerges and lumbers over to Weaver who is busily stuffing his pockets with loot. The characters throw the next lever and scram, but the mummy chases after them. In the main chamber another passageway to the west has been opened. Beyond the passageway there appears to be a large underground graveyard. With the mummy in close pursuit, the party convinces Weaver to give back the stolen treasure, which he reluctantly does…even the last gem he meant to keep! Satisfied the mummy scoops up the Loot and returns to it's chamber, then large stone block can be heard closing shut in the distance.


    The heroes venture into the graveyard, noticing open graves for Dominic Coffin, Arriana Nevar, Jack, Nicobean, and one I. Crane. To the rear of the large chamber is a pumpkin patch full of Jack-o-Lanterns. One is lit with an eerie green glow. As Booth advances to blow out the candle, the Jack-o-lantern rises up out of the patch, being atop a leather clad figure with Scythe. With a frightening wail the Horseman attacks the party.

    With Scythe and Pumpkin bombs the kids take a brutal beating. Neither water nor breath seems capable of blowing out the Lantern head. In desperation Weaver opens Ichabob Crane's coffin and notices a lone skull. A successful throw roll and the Lantern head falls to the ground as the Headless Horseman becomes a pile of bones (He must have seen the NightStalker episode).

    After re-lighting the Lantern and throwing the next lever, the kids make a hasty retreat. Sira patches up the wounded as best she can, but after the incident with Rapture her powers are not fully recovered. She also needs to eat in a bad way. The next passageway is a stairway leading up…


    The kids enter the Lair of Dr. Camby, who seems to be doing his best impression of the mad Victor Von Frankenstein. There is all kinds of equipment scattered about the room, but only a single flame emitted from a bunsen burner. Weaver distracts Camby by destroying some equipment, Booth and Sira re-light the burner.

    Lightning flashes, the monster walks and general mayhem is had by all. It appears some levers were throw retracting the lightning rod, but not before an immense bolt struck and ricocheted out into the other equipment. Fire, explosions, the Monsters, screams, Camby's curses could all be heard as the young heroes retreated out the exit and into Jack's lair once again. For their service Jack rewards each with a treat. Sira gets a vow to let them go unharmed, Booth discovers the fate of Nathan, and Weaver gets an apple.

    Having survived the harrowing ordeal, the kids return to Night City where they soon discover that BuReloc has conducted raids capturing nearly all of their friends!

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