RUN #9

  • "By BuReloc Betrayed"



    and a host of others

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    THE TEAM MEETING or "Who shall lead us?"

    Weaver, Sira Morgana and Booth return from a harrowing journey in SF only to discover that BuReloc has made their move in Night City, rounding up Gangers and homeless in two nighttime raids. They quickly encounter Diomedes who has so far escaped capture. Dimo has grim news, Electra, Outlette, Dr. Langstrom, and others have been captured. It is assumed that they have been moved to the BuReloc detainment facility in Fresno for processing.

    Press into action to save their friends, these young heroes decide to hook up with the Eden Cabal, who's planning their own little surprise party to be held in Fresno later that evening. Arriving at Stone's club they are informed that the strike will occur late that night, but first there is the matter of the disappearance of Stone's daughter Valerie. Dimo was convalescing with Valerie at Dr. Langstrom's clinic when BuReloc broke in. Dimo managed to escape, but got separated from Val.

    In desperation they check out the NCU clocktower to see if she may have fled to there. At first the clocktower appears to be deserted, but Booth is drawn into a secret Goth room where he has a face to face encounter with Nicobean and is told how to activate a certain disk he came into possession of in SF. Booth is instructed to activate the disk inside the compound and then be gone by sunrise. Meanwhile outside the others encounter several NightWraiths and are scared out of their wits.

    THE BETRAYAL or "Stabbed in the back by Her?!?!"

    Back at the XTC, the heroes report that Valerie is indeed missing. Stone does not take this well and opens the mirror behind the bar revealing an assortment of arms and armour. To the side Weaver drools. Present at the club are the leaders of the Eden Cabal along with a large contingent of Nomads. As everyone is preparing to depart and are given assignments, in walks Fingers "Call me Kestrel", Blade, and a new go-girl Psy-Ko. They also want a piece of the action seeing that their friends have also been taken by BuReloc. Being fellow yo-gangers they are welcomed in, especially since it seems that Weaver's boss, Ferret has taken a LONG vacation.

    Lotsa trashtalking between Fingers' Posse and the Heroes, especially Weaver. Weaver notes that he's got five (Booth, Sira, Dimo, Morgans, Himself) to Fingers Three. However Fingers doesn't seem to be the least intimidated. This may have to do with the fact that his posse is evolved, or perhaps he's got an Ace in the hole? But we all KNOW this GM doesn't go in for that BETRAYAL thang! ;)

    The infiltration of the BuReloc base goes smoothly, almost too smoothly. It isn't until they enter the Prisoner's compound that the trap is sprung. AV's come in from the west and drop smart bombs. Horton makes an appearance with his Solo's and the Camp Director. Undaunted, the Eden Cabal founders strike! But alas, SilverHand is cut down from behind by Psy-Ko. Blackhand, Likewise is taken down from behind by Blade and Fingers, and Alt is derezzed by…who'd a thunk it, Morgana!

    THE FIRST FIGHT or "Look at all Those Grenades"

    Lots of Explosion, cut, BLAM, and run -fu is had by all. Stone realizing that they are like TOTALLY screwed, orders a general retreat. Sira makes a valiant effort to save Morgana, whom she doesn't expect capable of such fiendish and utter BETRAYAL.

    Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse as the heroes make their way into a culvert that quickly gets sealed off in an explosion. The heroes are forced [evil GM grin] to make their way underground and into the heart of the diabolical BuReloc facility. Sneaking inside they find a room full of evolved kiddies hooked up to machines. What type of experiments are going on here???

    Suddenly, from an adjoining hallway violence erupts in expolsions and gunfire as Stone, Ferret and Guido are seen clashing with Horton and his mercenaries. The battle is soon joined and there is fun chaos for all. Dimo was heroic, Weaver a bit suicidal, Booth methodical, and Sira absolutely indispensable as the young heroes fought along side the veteran CyberPunks for their lives.

    In the midst of all this Booth manages to activate the disk from Akeldama and secrete it in a garbage bin. Rapture, Langstrom, Electra and Outlette are freed, but in no shape to fight. With the adults taking up the rear-guard the heroes make their way back to the surface, leading all the kiddies.

    THE SECOND FIGHT or "We are not to be Mocked!"

    The heroes find themselves facing the caved in culvert once again. However this time they have an alchemist with them, one of the freed kids. He tunnels through much of the dirt, expending all of his energy to break the surface, only to receive a shock as he does so! Outside awaits Fingers and his posse, Morgana, Blade, and Psy-Ko. This time the fights for real and the stakes are high! Again mucho mocking and Trash talking by the "Superior MallBrat" Fingers and his goonsquad. They call themselves the Raptors BTW and sold their souls to BuReloc in order to escape imprisonment.

    Outraged at their treachery versus the yo-gang code, Weaver attacks Fingers who turns out to be another Alchemist, as Weaver soon finds himself without a sword. Dimo tussles with Blade, who is mystified why his bolts don't effect Weaver. A critical shot to the head and Blade crumples like a wet noodle. Booth and Sira help take down Psy-Ko. Meanwhile Morgana decides that since she really can't effect Evolved kids, perhaps splitting this losing battle would be a wise course of action. Especially considering all the kids feelings towards her. She's no dummy.

    Victory is gained and the group heads off to the safety of the hills, where Ferret has some AVs hidden. Good thing he came, better late than never, huh? You guys don't think he waited until the last possible moment to determine who was going to win before tossing in his support do ya? I mean he's a Fixer for Heaven's sake!

    As the sun rises an intense buzzing fills the air. Towards the base distortion waves can be seen in the air as the surrounding structures appear to evaporate. Under the facility, ground caves in as if some underground Nuclear Test had gone off, and then the buzzing and distortion stops. Everyone experiences a mild headache and the systems on the vehicles need to be rebooted, but other than that every things fine?

    "What the hell was that!" Mutters Stone.
    "An X-ray near orbital laser. If I don't miss my guess." Remarks Ferret coolly.

    Meanwhile, Back at home things appear to go back to normal. I would enlighten ya as to the political fallout assigned to BuReloc and the Unified Church, but I know you kids only read the funnies, so why bother. ;-)

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