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Victor Brachstein was a Czech Geneticist who witnessed the death of his entire family in 1956 to the Soviets. He then came to Germany where he worked with Ex-Naziís developing "super agent" formulas to be used against the Soviets whom he hated.

However, in 1965 the German Government, under intense political pressure, dismantled the military's Biological Weapons Division. Subsequently Dr. Brachsteinís research was cancelled. Infuriated, Brachstein and other scientists left Germany to pursue their research elsewhere. They were eventually hired to conduct research in the United States for a shadow government organization which wanted him to continue his "super soldier" genetic research for use in the Vietnam War. When a mutated experiment escaped killing 30, Brachsteinís group was exposed and he went to prison.

During his work for the CIA Brachstein had taken on another lover, Sylvia Strongin. It is believed that he tampered with the Genetic structure of her unborn child to carry out the final phase of his research - mutant gene manipulation. The result was a daughter, Kelli who turned out to be normal.

The second attempt at a mutant child produced a hideous monster that killed Sylvia and brought Dr. Brachsteinís unauthorized and immoral research to light. Before his arrest Dr. Brachstein worked at a clinic where he treated over 100 pregnancies.

Before his exposure and subsequent capture by the authorities, Brachstein had managed to hide most of his research notes (however the research on his daughter was destroyed in a fire). During his stay in Prison, Brachstein was contacted by agents of Viper, who offered him a chance at freedom and an opportunity to continue on his research if he would work for Viper. Brachstein seeing this as an opportunity to get back at both the U.S. and Soviet governments decided to cast his lot with Viper.

Kelli Strongin grew up with her mother's sister during this time and although treated by Viper Specialists posing as doctors never indicated any signs of mutation. Therefore Brachstein continued his research at Viper determined to find the elusive mutant trigger gene. He suceeded, but only managed to create hideous monsters and not the promised super soldiers.

When Kelli turned 14 she had completed an annual mandatory physical exam to enter high school. No longer considered a Viper priority the results of her exam did not reach Brachsteinís attention for over 6 months. When he reviewed his daughters blood makeup, he noted high levels of active mutant indicator cells. Brachstein, realizing that Kelli was manifesting a mutation, ordered for her immediate capture.

Viper sent a stealth copter to the home of Valerie Strongin and abducted Kelli, but during the transport the helicopter was caught in a sudden storm and struck by lightning. It was assumed that Kelliís dead body was lost in the wreckage that crashed into Vancouver Sound.

Two years later reports of a weather manipulating mutant began circulating out of the SF Bay Area. After compiling a profile on this latest mutant, a Viper researcher noticed the similarity between this new mutant and Brachsteinís daughter. Again efforts were made to abduct Kelli, but to no avail as she had gained significant control of her weather manipulating powers.

Upon graduation from high school, Kelli moved to Miami where she attended college and fell in with other paranormals. Viper soon gave up on attempts to capture the girl as resources for Brachstein's research became scarce. Seeing that he needed to sweeten the pot, Brachstein started development on a weather control device that would allow Viper control on a global scale. The key component to this device would be his daughter. Viper command was pleased with this latest venture and gave the go-ahead for its implementation. Brachstein of course would use this as another opportunity to examine the elusive trigger gene that Kelli possed. The weather control project soon took on a life of its own as its feasibility grew. Unfortunately for Brachstein with the nearing successful completion of the weather control device, Viper commnad decided to take charge of this "important" project sending a resentful Brachstein back to his lab of pet monsters.

Viper Intelligence Report

Current Events
The Strongin child spent some time in Miami going to college where she gained some local fame as a TV weathergirl. She was not be careful in her efforts to hide from us so its was only a matter of time before we sent a team to spy on her. During her tenure at college, she joined up with a bunch of other local superheores to form the team "Forge." This crucial fact was not reported back to the nest in time to recall the capture team. Forge easily subdued the team and handed them over to Guard. The only positive note was Tempest never realized that the Viper team was after her. In other words the prey was not spooked.

Together Forge protected the lovely beaches of Miami from all types of supranormal miscreants. Members of the Team included, Heat , Anvil, Haji, Rhag (Tigger), and others (See her web site journal "Weather Reports" for all their misadventures).

Another botched Viper mission during her senior year sent her into hiding once more. It is now known that she went back to her hometown of Vancouver where she laid low for a while with her friend Ginger (another paranormal?). The incidents involving some attacks upon a local lighthouse alerted us once again to her presence in the area.

However, at this time the Strongin childís capture was a low priority to Viper so resources were not set aside to this effect. During this lull a college friend called her and mentioned a UN Hero team she was in charge of Organizing. Kelli thought that her fatherís affiliation would prohibit her from joining at first. Her friend, Ms. Deborah Danverse, assured her that the UN did not hold her father's affiliations against her (VIPER Note: Is the UN using Kelli to flush out her father? Are they interested in keeping a close watch on her? Do they want to discover the trigger gene she possesses to create super soldier of their own? The possibilities are endless). This recent turn of events is very disturbing and her situation will be monitored more closely as the Weather control device is readied.

Already efforts to disband the UN team have failed as bribed politicians turned out to be in fact ecoterrorists shapechangers who absconded with a significant amount of Viper funds. Once again Tempest is becoming more trouble than she is worth.

Kelli joined the UN strike force along with a Scotsman, Changer and an American, Voyager. Together they have investigated events in Egypt, Scotland and upon a derelict Viper Space Station. This station may still be our trump card in future capture efforts. However for the time being the *defunct* station is allowing us to keep tabs on their activities and run scans on their respective power makeups.

Psych Profile
While still attending High School Viper had an agent interview Kelli and provide us with a psychological profile as to her personality make-up. Ms. Strongin is a Type A personality who has an overwhelming sense of morality and fair play. In no way is her personality compatible with Viperís goals and therefore an artificial personality is under development to replace her current one. Kelli is a very stubborn individual who will not give into threats or demands.

Kelliís heroic nature can be used against her at times as she cares about innocents. She can be naÔve, but do not dismiss her intelligence in certain matters. Viper would do well to be very careful around this girl as she has an extremely strong will and character.

Outwardly Kelli is a friendly individual who seems to not take life seriously at all. The past tragedies in her life have had little effect on her positive sense of self worth. It will be interesting to see how she develops under more stressful conditions. [end of profile]

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