Weather Report

written by Tempest

Volume 2.01

"The AshCan Edition"

Kelli Strongin (AKA Tempest) receives a phone call from her long time friend Deborah Danvers who informs her that she is responsible for putting together an international team of Superheroes. Deborah had been a university roommate of Kelliís at Miami back when she was associated with Forge.

Deborah wants Kelli to be on the team and so she invites Kelli down to San Francisco where the efforts are under way to recruit members. Kelli will be Canadaís representative to the team. For Kelli this would be an awesome opportunity to defend the world against injustice once again (Those heroic fires never die out).

On the flight down to SF Kelli met Jonathan Ambrosh a well to do European model. It seems that Jonathan was applying for the same position that Deborah was, that of UN spokesperson for the International Team. Kelli does not have the heart to tell Jonathan that her friend Deborah has a virtual lock on that job because of Debís daddy being the one making the hiring decision. After trading local phone numbers (Fairmont-WOW) Kelli gets picked up by Deborah at the airport, who instantly notices Jonathan walking towards another limo.

At Deborahís apart Kelli receives a call from Jonathan, but she is preoccupied and Deborah answers the phone informing Jon that Kelli is sick and cannot see her, but that she would be happy to accompany him on to dinner that evening. To conceal her deception, Deborah informs Kelli that Tempest was needed in Scotland to help out another hero by the name of Changer.

Tempest gets beamed up to a station (Youch!) and then off to Scotland. There she hooks up with Changer who was also applying for the international team.

BACKGROUND -The recruiting drive was on as the members of the first team had mysteriously disappeared, except for Changerís brother whose body was recovered, or not.

Changer informs Tempest that two German men posing as UN officials had conducted all sorts of tests on him, to qualify him for admittance onto the team. Tempest informed Changer that this was not standard procedure and that he should be more careful in the future.

At that point Maeve enters McDougal castle and begins to bat eyes with Changer as they discuss the untimely demise of her lover, Changerís brother (Youíd think she was Denis Rodman the way she rebounds!).

As Maeve departs a Van pulls up and armed (but not armored) assailants begin to pile out gunning poor Maeve down before the heroes can react. But react they do as Changer crashes through the bay window in pursuit and Tempest summons a hurricane to stop the van.

The supposed IRA terrorists hold Maeve (miraculously still alive) captive, which pretty much stops Tempest, but Changer undaunted by their threats crashes through the top of the Van as a Hippo. Tempest quickly entangles one of the terrorists. The others run off. Enraged Changer takes off after them -b_uta_ly snap_i_g _he _ecks _f t_o m_r_ _er_orist_ (this is what was recovered from Tempestís original file - she had accidentally deleted a portion of it). Changer comes up short in the face of BBQ Boy. With gun bursts from the mauled terrorists being nothing but a mild annoyance to Tempest, Both she and Changer flambe the IRA villain.

Maeve it seems took 5 gunshot wounds AT POINT BLANK RANGE and had nary a scratch on her? For some reason she seemed perturbed at Tempest after this encounter - some thanks huh.

Oh Yeah, there was something about an arms shipment from Germany that BBQ lad, Shamrock and their leader MissFortune (Three IRA villains) were preparing to meet and deliver to the IRA. Maeve seemed to have the place and timing down wrong when she informed the heroes of what little she had uncovered, while Changer had overheard the villains giving a different location and time.

More to Follow!

Weather Reports 3/25/97

Tempest and Changer minus the European Hulksters and Kid Mage travel back to New York where they hook up with mister Garvey. Mr. Garvey meets them at a posh restaurant where he is entertaining the well known Crusader.

Tempest and Changer explain how they fought Viper, Eurostar and saved the Northeastern seaboard from a hurricane. Needless to say Mr. Garvey was a little skeptical.

Since Deborah was still missing and presumably in the clutches of Viper, Tempest and Changer told Mr. Garvey of their intent to try and rescus her. Mr. Garvey noting that only two members of Freedom Force remained asked Crusader if he would accompany T&C in a supervisory capacity. Tempest just thought it would be great to have another hero around to distract numerous agents.

The three take off towards the UN, but Tempest decides to stop into her apartment first where she discovers two members of the Sciones of Caine, Dagger and Angel? They seem a bit surprised by her appearance, were they suspecting someone else? It seems they came to ask Tempest to join their merry little band in return she will get the weather control stone doohicky. Tempest declines for now in a polite way, and watches them leave via some funky teleportation coin trick. Before they leave they disclose the location of Viperís base as an act of good faith.

With the bases location in hand the three heroes sneak down to a cemetery in Brooklyn. While Crusader stakes the place out Tempest and Changer begin phase 1 of their master plan to gain entrance. Tempest dresses up like Bora, while changer assumes Fenrisís form. Together they descend through the clouds with a bound Crusader, depositing him at the front of the secret mausoleum entrance. Tempest throws down some flowers and summons a fog to hide themselves from any onlookers.

Fenris then bluffs his way into the base as Viper seems inquisitive as to how they discovered this hidden nest. Much talking between the Viper Villians and Fenris ensues. Tempest, not being able to mimic a German accent plays a quiet yet angry Bora.

The gig is blown after a mindscan and combat begins. Tempest is able to put Frost boy on Ice and then follows up with Oculon. Deborah is freed and the giant weather control device is confiscated by Guard. Tempest does manage to acquire the stone that was in Vipers possession.

Until is impressed with the recent success of Freedom Force, but not enough to sponsor them as a Until super team. It seems that Freedom Force will be relocating to Bay City in the meantime.

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