These are my gerbils

Photographs of the parents

RATTY AND SKINNER (both deceased)

Ratty and Skinner were my first gerbils, Skinner was an Agouti and Ratty was a Dark Tailed White.
I loved them very much


Sandy is a male Argente Golden, he is quite friendly but a little shy, Squeak is an Agouti and is much bolder, she is a renowned escape artist, and has been known to get out of the tank to come and play chase on the sofa while we're watching TV.
(Sandy = AappGGCCEE, Squeak = AAPpGGC-EE)

1st - 10th June 1998 Pictures of the 1st litter
2nd - 22nd July 1998 - 5 (3 Agouti + 2 Argente Golden)
3rd - 26th August 1998 - 7

Snowball is Sandy's brother, he also is shy but not timid, he has a dark scar near the base of his tail after a run in with Ratty on the day we got him (they seemed to be fine until she sunk her teeth in! - we know better now) this seemed to bring on the dark tail early as he is a Dark Tailed White. Digger (Ruby Eyed White) was then aquired and three weeks later had a litter which did not survive the first day. She has since had another non-surviving litter, but has had more success since then. The first litter from this pair that survived produced the loveliest Slate Patched that I have seen, she was quickly snapped up by a friend.
(Snowball = aaPpggchchEE, Digger = aappggC-EE)

As previously mentioned the first two litters did not survive.
3rd - 24th July 1998 - 4 (2 REW + 1 Slate + 1 Slate Patched) Pictures of the babies
4th - 1st Sept 1998 - 1 Slate - died 24th September 1998
5th - 30th Sept 1998 - 5, not sure of colours yet

(Bramble born 14th Aug 1998)

(Bubbles born 25th July 1998)

Bubbles is a Ruby Eyed White and is Snowball's and Diggers son from thier first surviving litter. He is an adorable little male carrying the ch gene (sorry to non geneologists). Bramble is donated from a friend and is a sweet little Burmese (who could possibly be a dark siamese). They were introduced on 27th September 1998 and are currently getting to know each other.

(Bubbles = aappggCchEE possilbe spot - Bramble = aaP-G-cbc?EE)

If you want any information at all about Gerbils, you need to visit the NGS website, from here you will find everything you need to know.

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