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Hi, This page is dedicated to my little mini 'Sparkie'.

She is 18 years old, Vermillion (reddy-orange for the un-initiated), although the picture makes her look red, with a Walnut dash, Walnut gear knob, vinal roof with sunroof (mirrored - ooeerr!), alloy wheels, and Chrome nudge bars.
She is also very squeeky and rattley, and still needs alot doing to her. I rescued her from an unloving home you see.
Before I got Sparkie she had two owners. The first had her from new and obviously took good care of her. However in 1995 she was sold to a man for his daughter, who didn't really want her. She wanted a Beetle, poor mis-guided soul.
By the time I got Sparkie, which was March '96, she was wearing out bits and had only 43,000 miles on her. Her milage is now up to 53,000 (Oct '97) and we have had alot of fun together.

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