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Apply for my Trek Ladies Awards of Excellence by sending an E-mail request or by filling out the application form below. I will only award sites that qualify on content, creativity, and individuality. Signing my guestbook and commenting on my website is a plus. Please include your website URL and title, e-mail address, and a short site description. Requests will be processed as soon possible.

Requirements. Before applying for my award, please make sure your site has no adult or illegal material,has no broken images or links, and has at least five pages. Link-only sites will not receive recognition. The site should not take too long to load. If it does, it should be well worth the wait. Please link any awards back to this awards page. For information on other sites offering awards, click here.

Click here to see the list of outstanding websites which have won the 1998 Gold Trek Ladies Award.

Award Application Form

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6) If not, whose site is it, and what is his/her E-mail address?


Why does your submission deserve an award? Be specific!

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