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Denise Crosby played Tasha Yar, the Security Officer on the Enterprise D in Star Trek the Next Generation. Her character was a martial arts expert who was kidnapped in Code of Honor and had to accept a challenge from a jealous ruler's wife and fight to the death in order to return to the Enterprise. When Denise became dissatisified with her role and asked leave the show to pursue a film career, her character was killed in Skin of Evil by a sadistic black oozing goo creature.

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When Denise began having second doubts about leaving the series, she was brought back Yesterday's Enterprise episode, when the Enterprise C comes forward 28 years in a time rift, it misses its destruction which led to the Federation-Klingon detente. So Picard sends the doomed Enterprise C back to restore the original timeline, Tasha -- who has learned from Guinan that she should have died earlier (Skin of Evil) goes back to die as a hero on the Enterprise C and restore history.


LT Yar3The Next Generation writers really became creative to bring in Denise Crosby again as Lt Yar's half-human Romulan Commander Sela in two two-part episodes. In Redemption I & II, Sela tells Picard that Tasha Yar never died on the Enterprise C when it went back in time to restore history but was instead kidnapped by a Romulan Commander who married her and they had a child that grew up to become Sela. This led to the incredible YATI (Yet Another Trek Inconsistency) that there were two Tasha Yars alive -- the Enterprise D orignial one that dies in Skin of Evil and the other Taha on the Enterprice C that has Sela -- at the same time!!


In Redemption II, Sela is written as a budding Romulan Nemesis to Picard that tries to start a Klingon civil war by supporting the Duras Sisters rebellion against Gowron. Then, in "Unification Parts I and II", while Spock teaches Vulcan values to underground rebel Romulans on Romula, Sela plans to send a stolen ship full of Romulans as a Trojan Horse in a sneak attack to conquer Vulcan.

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