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In Carmen Carter's The Children of Hamlin, The Enterprise is order to prepare for the return of the Choraii to the Federation's Hamlin Outpost whose adults they massacred fifty years ago and whose children they abducted.

In W. A. McCay and E. L. Flood's Chains of Command, the Enterprise discovers human slaves revolt on a forbidding, glacial world but cannot interfere in the conflict. After the revolt succeeds, Captain Picard learns that both the slaves and the overseers were controlled by a mysterious bird-like race called the Tseetsk, who are coming to reclaim their property. With time running out, the rebels kidnap Captain Picard and Counselor Troi, drawing the Enterprise into the middle of their deadly plan of vengeance.

In V. E. Mitchell's Imbalance, the Entereprise is sent to negotiate new diplomatic relations with the Jarada, insectoid race. The Jaradan ship arrives and the Jarada seen uncharacteristically friendly. They invite Picard to send down members of his crew and negotiations proceed both quickly and smoothly. Suddenly, however, the Jarada change. They cut off Commander Riker and his away team from the Enterprise and initiate an unprovoked attack on the ship. Picard must unravel the aliens' mystery before it's too late for the away team, and the Enterprise.


In John Peel's The Death of Princes, the Enterprise is confronted with two desperate missions on two different worlds. On the planet Buran, newly linked to the Fedration, a mysterious disease devastates the population-and turns them against the visitors from the Enterprise. Meanwhile, on nearby lomides, a renegade Federation observer has disappeared, intent on violating the Prime Directive by preventing a tragic political assassination. While Dr. Crusher looks for a cure for the plague ravaging Buran, Commander Will RIker leads an Away Team to lomides. Their forces divided, Picard and his crew find themselves the only hope of two worlds.


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