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Majell Barrett


Majell Barett was born on February 23, 1939. She played Number One in the Star Trek pilot The Cage, Nurse Christine Chapel in the Original Series, and Lwaxana Troi in the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.



Nurse Chapel joined Enterprise after her fiance was presumed lost. She found him in an anndroid body in What are Little Girls Made of? When a water-borne virus released crew inhibitions in Naked Time, she admited her love to Spock. She tried a love portion on Spock in the animated episode Mudd's Passion.


lwaxana1.jpgLawaxana has been a diplomat for Betazed. She pressured Deana Haven, courted Captain Picard in Manhunt and went to DS9's Odo for help when her new husband threatened to take away her unborn baby in The Muse.







She was kidnapped by Dai Mon Tog in Menage a Troi; tried to talk an alien scientist from following his world's ritual suicide in Half A Life; appeared "au natural" as per Betazed wedding custom in Cost of Living; and overcame the pain of a losing Deana's sister in Dark Page. She helped Odo when he returned to his liquid form in The Forsaken, and had a Betazed fever which mismatched lovers in Fascination.

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