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Nana Visitor has played Deep Space Nine's Major Kira Nerys since 1993. Kira is a heroic Bajoran militia officer who fought in the resistance movement during the Cardasian occupation. As a Bajoran liaison on Deep Space Nine, she was caught up political struggles between Winn and Bereil to become Kai in Duet, has resuced surviving Bajoran heroes from prison in The Homecoming, fought renegade rebel leaders in Skakar, and discovered plots to blowup the wormhole in Past Prologue. She saw her first love, Bereil, sacifice himself for his world and her second lover accused of betraying her planet in Collaboration.


Nana Visitor, born on July 26, 1957, has played both Major Kira and a Cardasian Kira in a parallel universe in Crossover and Second Skin. She catches the killer who is killing all the former members of her resistance cell in The Darkness and The Light. She gives birth to the O'Briens' baby in The Begotten. She comforts a dying Cardasian friend in Of Ties of Blood and War. She is prevented from dying when Odo kills 8000 descendants of the DS9 crew to save her in Children of Time.

kira1.jpgNana Visitor's pregnancy was handled cleaverly this season by having Chief O'Brien's Keiko hurt in an accident on the Defiant which necessitated Doctor Bushier transplant her baby into Kira to have it.


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