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October 1999

Recruited 200th site for new Trek Ladies Web Ring.

September 1999

Completed GeoCities Leader Training On September 3rd, 1998 for Area 51.

August 1999

Recruited 175th site for new Trek Ladies Web Ring.

June 1999

Recruited 50th member to Trek Ladies Web Ring. Organized 220 thumbnails & 220 full size photos into 17 photo galleries; site up to 686 images and 21 MB.

May 1999

Recruited 150th site for new Trek Ladies Web Ring.

March 1999

Awarded Geocities Featured Page & Off-Planet Site of Week! Addded 44 new DS9 Ladies photos.

February 1999

Recruited 125th site for new Trek Ladies Web Ring. Added 34 more book reviews. Added 78 new STNG Ladies photos.

January 1999

Added 30 reviews of Star Trek books featuring favorite female characters. Added new 25 TOS photos.

December 1998

Recruited 100th site for new Trek Ladies Web Ring. Added 70 more midi files; joined Transwarp mailing list.

November 1998

Added 100 midi files and site statistics page.

September 1998

Added software download page & 11 pages of links.

July 1998

Created Trek Ladies Web Ring. Created Trek Ladies Awards of Excellence in Web Design. Selected for the Area51 Brightest Stars webring; added 101 new Voyager Ladies photos.

May 1998

Added Photos page. Added 25 animated gifs and javascript scrolls.

April 1998

Joined Voyager newsletter.

Febraary 1998

Added search engine page; revised logo; added awards page; joined Star Trek tech mailing list.

December 1997

Added own logo; added links; deleted frames; joined DS9 talk and Voyager mailing lists.

October 1997

Added frames; deleted java games & chat; joined STTOS & STTNG mailing lists.

August 1997

Added summaries of Trek episodes/movies featuring favorite female characters.

June 1997

Added Voyager actresses' bios & java games.

April 1997

Added DS9 actresses' bios, chat, & guestbook.

March 1997

Added STNG actresses' bios, geoguide, Link Exchange banner, counter, & clock.

January 1997

Opened site with Star Trek actresses' biographies.

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