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roxann2Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres is the U.S.S. Voyager's Chief Engineer. She had a human father and a Klingon mother. She grew up on a remote colony far from the Klingon home world. She studied at Starfleet Academy for a few years but dropped out because she felt stifled by the rules. She followed her Klingon warrior instincts and joined the Maquis rebellion. She is very intelligent and independent but tortured by an inner conflict between her Klingon warrior side and her human side.



torres1Lieutenant Torres was split into two personalities in the episode Faces; activated an robot which almost took over Dreadnaught; was chosen by aliens to preserve their holocaust memories in Remember; and was rescued by Capt Janeway from an alien prison in Resistance. Her Klingon mating urges are dangerously triggered by a momentary link with a Vulcan in pon farr and almost disrupt an away mission in Blood Fever. She declares her love for Lt. Paris in Day of Honor.

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