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Trek Ladies Ring Rules

  1. Your site must have Star Trek content. Sites featuring Star Trek Ladies are highly desired but all Trek sites are webcome. No adult or porno site allowed.
  2. Anyone may add a site to the queue, but only the Ring Master can add sites to the ring. This ensures ring integrity.
  3. The Ring code must be on the page you give as your url. It may be your index page or a webring page linked to your index page. The link to the webring page is very important because ring integrity will be lost if people who arrive at your index page via the ring do not know know where to go to continue surfing our ring.
  4. To ensure ring integrity, the Ring Master will insist that these rules be followed and will periodically check the ring integrity . Sites that break the ring will be removed from the ring and returned to the Queue until their problem is fixed.

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