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Terry Farrell, Deep Space Nine's LCDR Jadzia Dax since 1993, was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on November 19, 1963. She has been on Vogue and Madamoiselle covers. Her tv credits include: Twilight Zone, Quantum Leap, Crosby Show, Family Ties, and the tv films Paperdolls and L.A. Madame. Her movies include: Back To School, Red Sun Rising, and Hellraiser III.

terry5.jpgDax stops an expanding proto-universe from destroying our universe (Playing God), catches a murderer who transfers his consciousness to other bodies (The Passage), and is herself charged with a murder which happened 30 years ago (Dax).


jadzia2.jpgWe met one of her exspouses in a prior malelife in Rejoined. She had a romance with an alien from a vanishing planet (Meridan) and has a romance with Worf this season (Looking For Parmash in All The Wrong Places).


terry3.jpgShe travel back in time with Captain Sisco, Odo, O'Brien, and Bushier to save Captain Kirk (Trials and Tribulation).This episode featured Forrest Gump type technology and blended DS9 actors into classic Star Trek footage.

terry1.jpgLCDR Jadzia Dax, Deep Space 9's Science Officer, is a joined Trill species who hosts Curzon and draws upon the experiences of Curzon's six previous lives. Her previous hosts are explained in the episodes : Facets and Equilibrium. The hosting is explained in Invasive Procedure which features the theft of her symbiat by a rejected Trill candidate. She ha helped old Klingons avenge the murder of their first-borns (Blood Oath) and helped Work search for a legendary sword (Sword of Kahless). She announced her plans to marry Worf after the Federation war with the Dominion (A Time To Stand, the season six premier). She marries Worf in You are Cordially Invited. In the episode Change of Heart, she is seriously hurt while an important secret mission with her husband Worf who choose to stay with er over the mission. In The Tear of the Prophets, while Capt Sisco launches an invasion of Cardasia, Jadzia is left in command of DS9 and is killed by Gul Dukat who closes the wormhole. Her death sadly comes at a time when she and Worf were considering starting a family. Media rumors specuated that Terry left the series to pursue movies or left over a salary dispute. Her departure changed the DS9 scene and the role of Worf.

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