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Jadzia Dax

In Esther Friesner's Warchild, a message left behind by the Kai Opaka gives Commander Benjamin Sisko a fateful mission: find a young Bajoran girl destined to be a great healer who could bring together the warring factions of Bajor. While Lt. Dax tries to find the healer, Dr. Bashir goes planetside to treat a rare disease that is killing the children in Bajor's resettlement camps. Surrounded by thousands of dying children, Bashir goes A.W.O.L. from Deep Space Nine, vowing not to return until the plague has been stopped. But by the time Dax finds the girl from the Kai's prophecy the child has fallen victim to the plague. Now, with the fate of the entire planet at stake, Commander Sisko must find Dr. Bashir in time to save the child who may be Bajor's last chance for peace.

In John Vornholt's Antimatter, the Bajoran shipyard is assigned to build an engine for a new starship, a project which could be instrumental in revitalizing the planet's war-ravished economy. As Commander Sisko awaits the arrival of a tanker containing the antimatter that will power the starship, a band of hijackers captures the extremely valuable cargo and escapes through the wormhole. When the hijacking spurs a political debate, Major Kira struggles to mediate the dispute between the opposing factions. Meanwhile, Sisko makes a desperate move to retrieve the antimatter. With the stability of the Bajoran economy at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers, a move that could have deadly consequences for them and the planet Bajor.

In Robert Sheckley's The Laterian Gamble, a mysterious Laertian woman convinces Dr. Bashir to gamble for her at Quark's gaming tables, things start going wrong for the Federation. The more Dr. Bashir wins, the more Laeterian Complexity Theory makes things go wrong in the Federation as ships vanish. When Bashir tries to stop gambling, a Laertian warfleet appears to force him to continue. And on the planet Laertes itself Major Kira and Science Officer Dax must battle their way through chaos and danger to find a way to stop the Laertians and save Deep Space Nine and the Federation.

In Michael Jan Friedman's Saratoga, Worf has painful memories of his wife's death during the Borg attack on the U.S.S. Srartoga at Wolf 359 when the U.S.S. Defiant carries the survivors of the Saratoga to an important Starfleet ceremony. But Sisko's bittersweet reunion with his old crewmates is cut short when an unexpected malfunction threatens the Defiant as well as the lives of everyone aboard. Even worse, evidence suggests that the accident was caused by deliberate sabotage. Has one of Sisko's oldest friends betrayed them all? Sisko and Dax must uncover the truth before death claims the survivors of the Saratoga.

In K. W. Jeter's Warped, Dax helps Security Chief Odo investigate a series of murders on Deep Space Nine while a new religious faction plans to takeover Bajor and force the Federation to leave DS-9. When Odo traces the murders to a bizarre and dangerous form of holosuite technology that turn its users into insane killers and is connected to the political conflict on Bajor. Both are the work of a single dangerous man with a plan that threatens the very fabric of reality. The plot is darker than anything Sisko has faced before, and to defeat it, he must enter the heart of a twisted, evil world where danger lurks in every corner and death can come at any moment--from the evil within himself, from his closest friends, or even at the hands of his own son.

In Trials and Tribble-ations Dax and Captain Sisko go back in time to stop an assassination attempt on Captain Kirk.

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