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Whoopi Goldberg plays Guinan, a bartender aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. She is from an old race destroyed by the Borg hundreds of years ago and she is one of the few who survived. She has special powers and a close relationship with Captain Picard but is always careful not to say too much to avoid changing history.


Guinan is a friend to the crew and helps all deal with the stresses and dangers of space travel and exploration. She help a troubled young officer make the right decisions in Ensign Ro. She was on the scene in the 1890s when the bridge crew went back in time to stop a alien invasion in Time's Arrow I/II.



guinan3Guinan can sense when time is wrong and did this when the Enterprise C appears from a temporal rift. She knew it must go back in time to be destroyed while answering a Klingon distress call so that its destruction could lead to the union of the Klingons and the Federation.



Whoopi was born on October 13, 1949 and has appeared in many movies: Made in America and Boys On The Side.

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