Realm Of R/)V`N W()LFST()RM, Mistress Of Sorcery

I hath been somewhat unceremoniously towed into the AGE OF BLOGGING by mine verily k@otic friend. To join me in mine new adventure make thy way to the new Rav`N's Realm

Ah stranger! I bid thee welcome to mine domain. Thou art now within Ravnsrealm, a land which doth exist outside time and space as thou knoweth it. A realm in which anything and everything can be brought to pass, limited only by mine will and imagination. I am R/)V`N W()LFST()RM, Mistress of Sorcery, ruler of Ravnsrealm and all-round sarcastic witch.

I am an adventurer who gains great enjoyment from journeying to far off lands. From the portals of Ravnsrealm I doth travel through time and space itself, visiting many varied dimentions and realities. Per chance, in all mine jouneys I have found thy world to be one of my most favoured destinations. I doth find distractions new and amusing on every pass through thy realm.


One such distraction is a box of moving images that ye humanoids calleth the television. It doth keep them, and I, enthralled for ages unending. Some of the tales from which I have gained the most enjoyment are Highlander:The Series, Kindred:The Embraced, CSI, The Pretender and SeaQuest DSV.

R/)VNRE/)LM Public Library
(Books, Comics, Poems)

One discovery on thy world that saddened me doth be the rampantly poor skills of literacy amongst thy general populace. This is an oversight that sorely requires correction. I myself am an avid reader. Reading is another means through which I travel to lands far and near and enjoy new experiences. Mine favoured creator of the fantastical tales contained within these "books" is David Eddings.

There doth exist yet another form of literature from thy world with which I am truly enthranced. Tis of a more graphic nature and I doth believe thou callest it Comic Books.

Traveller, I am most certain that thou hast observed the tendency countless numbers of us have to wax poetic upon occasion.The rll ֟ Th lssd rds doth contain a sellection of poems I have deamed worthy of further mention. These include mine own compositions as well as those discovered during the course of mine travels.

Creatures of R/)VNRE/)LM
(Ravens, Wolves)

To obtain more knowledge pertaining to mine namesakes thou shouldst view Ravens of the Realm and Ravnsrealm Wolf Den.

Contact R/)V`N W()LFST()RM
(ICQ, E-mail)

If thou wouldst liketh to seek mine audience, thou couldst use this ICQ code to locate me: 6220788. This wouldst be the location at which mine companions and I gather to exchange tales of our voyages and such. Thou wouldst be most welcome indeed.

I remain forever delighted to receive correspondence. If thou wouldst liketh to consult or advise mineself on any detail, or perchance comment on mine realm, please have no qualms at dispatching a missive to ravnwolfstorm@yahoo.com

Knights of the RE/)LM

During the creation of Ravnsrealm I did obtain ideas, assitance, information and other boons of such nature from many a source. I wouldst liketh to acknowledge and thank these beings for their patience and cooperation.

Chamber of Portals

If thou hast viewed the contents of Ravensrealm to thine hearts content and wouldst now liketh to continue thy journey on to other realms thou mayest utilize mine Chamber of Portals.

Guestbook by Lpage I wouldst greatly appreciate it if thou wouldst be kind enough to inform Ravnsrealm Immigration of thy presence in this realm. Twould be nice to know who has been here. If thou wouldst like to see who some of the people who have been here are, feel free to peruse the Immigration Log

Thou art traveller No.Counter to pass through R/)VNRE/)LM.

Fantasy Award

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