Hi. My name is Meghan. I am 16 and in grade 11. I live in the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada (a special HI to all my fellow Canadians, eh!} I like Highland Dancing and have been doing so for nine years. I have two goldfish. My favorite was Herman. He was so cute! I also have a dog named Jiggs, he's old but truly adorable. I like science. And french. I am going to go to Québec one day, with Azalyia. We're going to drive there...if we were rich enough then we'd drive in a Porsh but I don't think that will happen...What else do you want to know? Hmmmmm, let me think...well, I like to ski. It's really fun! Especially now that I'm just learning how to go over jumps and when I don't land with my head in the snow it's even funner! I've snowboarded once and found that I was a natural, I just put on the board and started carving down the mountain!! Well, I wish...and in the summer I like to sail!! Have you ever tried sailing? It sounds like a granny sport but you actually can go really fast!!! It's so dare-devilish!! hehehe!

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