Friends Hall of Fame!

My awsome internet pals are: (not in any particular order...)

Science Fair&Internetly Connected Buddies!

  • Natalie is a cool dude science pal. She does really nifty projects and she's going away this year on an exchange...I hope she has a ball! Her homepage.
  • Farish is also a science fair pal. She lives not too far away from me which is good so we see each other lots! What shall I say about Farish? I don't know...I think I better ask her first to get permissin on what she will let me say...she's cautious 'bout this internet thing!! :)
  • Fiona is going to private school in nice flat Saskatchewan, but she's having a blast so that's good...
  • Geoff goes to my I have to put up with seeing him day after day...enough said. J/K. :)
  • Susie is my rapping science buddy...we made up a really cool official science fair rap, hehehe! She's doing a project this year so the best of luck goes out to her...
  • Dan is Natalie's brother. He's yet another science fair buddy...what can I say about him? He likes to keep koala's on his baseball hat...His homepage.
  • Lindsey is yet ANOTHER science pal of mine...she just moved all the way from Whitehorse over to Nova Scotia!! Big climate change for her!
School&Internetly Connected Buddies
  • Azalyia aka Lia is one of my bestest buds. She has been my friend for a long time, she lives in the same town as me and she sails and skiis with me. Lia has a little hedgehog, it is so cute!!! It runs around her house...! Her homepage.
  • G.I.JILLI aka Erica is my locker parnter at school. Erica and I go way the days of playing Barbies...
  • Coral is my new friend from school. I just got to know her this year, and now we e-mail sometimes. Doesn't she have a cool name? I thought so...
  • A-Rod*123 aka Nisha is a hometown buddy too. What can I say? Nisha is Nisha...Her homepage.
  • Erin is my tall friend, not my tallest friend, but pretty close...she towers above me!
Internet Connected Family!
  • Jane is my cousin. She lives away far away over yonder in Ontario...right now she's working real hard on her thesis...
  • Jeff is Jane's brother, so of course that makes him my cousin too. Ummmmmmm, hi Jeff.
  • Katie is my hip hop cuz from the coast. Yah! She is one year older than me, she can drive now...just wait!!! I've only got a few more months to go...but more about Katie...she needs to E-Mail me MORE!!!
  • Jaciis my cousin. She is one year younger than me, which makes her in grade 9. She lives in Toronto which is really cool. I also say hi to Jesse, Auntie Ida and Uncle Marv!
    • Peatts are some family friends of ours. So hi to all of them! My little sister and one of their boys are the same age...that's how we know them...
    • All my internet-less friends...these are name a few...Meredith, Vanesa, Leah, Pam and Crystal...
    • Julia is a unique case. She's the daughter of my parents friends. I just met her last summer when we went to Nova Scotia. It's really cool...we can be vet's kids together!