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Episode #1 Ryoko Resurrected According to legend, a demon is imprisoned in a cave inside the ancient Masaki Shrine in Kurashiki, Japan. When Tenchi Masaki, a student in the local high school and grandson of the shrine master, accidentally breaks the shrine's seal, he discovers that it is not just legend! Awakened from a deep sleep, Ryoko, the demon in the form of a beautiful young girl, furious to discover she has been imprisoned for over 700 years, launches an all-out attack on Tenchi. Using her amazing powers, including flying through the air, moving through walls, and hurling massive bolts of electrical power from her hands, she pursues Tenchi in a terrifying midnight chase through his school

Episode #2 Here Comes Ayeka! Princess Ayeka has sailed far from her home planet Jurai in search for her long lost fiance. On Earth, she encounters Ryoko instead, her mortal enemy from distant stars - which can only mean TROUBLE for Tench! As a blast from Ayeka's main cannon shatters his window, Tenchi finds himself aboard Ryoko's spaceship in flight, only to be captured later by Ayeka! Tenchi doesn't know what to do as the cat-fight between the two girls ends up in a BIG spaceship crash and then... Who is Ayeka's fiance and where has he gone? How will Tenchi get home and what do these sparing female super-powers want with him? Perhaps Ayeka's little sister, the mischievous Sasami, can help as Tenchi becomes more and more the master of his mysterious destiny.
Episode #3 Hello Ryo-Ohki! Sisters Ayeka and Sasami find themselves without transport back to their mother planet when their spaceship is wrecked in a battle with Ryo-ohki. With them in addition to Ryoko, there are now three cute girls at tenchi's house! While Ayeka sinks deeper into her depression because of the unfamiliar life on earth, Sasami is full of energy. And as for Ryoko...who knows what may be going through her mind... To top it off, an infant Ryo-ohki hatches from the spaceship egg! Tenchi may be back at home, but he's not free from troubles! In Episode #3, various characters' thoughts and feelings quietly intermingle with others'.
Episode #4 Mihoshi Falls To The Land Of Stars Tenchi's life with the girls under one roof finally begins to settle down. Now it's fall and the group visits a hot springs resort. While Ryoko tries to seduce Tenchi in her birthday suit, Ayeka goes into a panic when Tenchi sees her stark naked, and Tenchi's father tries hard to take a peek at the ladies side of the hot springs... One such day, a new character appears before our group: Mihoshi, a female cop with the Galaxy Police! Episode #4 of the series is filled with a hint of what the ending might bring and sexy mood!
Episode #5 Kagato Attacks! Mihoshi, a Galaxy Police Officer joins the group as a new roomate, making Tenchi's life as lively as ever. One day, Kagato, one of the most wanted criminals in the Universe, appears before the group! He claims to be Ryoko's creator and he's after Tenchi's sword. Despite Tenchi's and his grandfather's desperate struggle, Kagato kidnaps Ryoko and flees to outer space...
Episode #6 We Need Tenchi After losing Tenchi, the girls storm Kagato's spaceship. But Ayeka falls into a trap and into Kagato's hands! In the meantime, Ryoko and Mihoshi find themselves confined in a different dimension where they meet Washu, a scientific genius. To their surprise she reveals herself as Ryoko's creator. Just as the destruction ray fired at Earth is about to reach it's destination, Tenchi is resurrected and reappears! The final battle is on!
Episode #7 The Night Before The Carnival The Kagato incident is over, but Tenchi is at no loss for trouble with five beautiful girls and Ryo-Ohki around him. Ryoko and Ayeka's war for Tenchi's love, Washu's organic experiment on Tenchi, and the case of the disappearing carrots caused by a divided and multiplied Ryo-Ohki...An assortment of troubles, everything from small to large! Here's the sequel to the popular series "TENCHI MUYO".
Episode #8 Hello Baby Yet another dependent joins the Tenchi Family - it's a baby! Tenchi's aunt arrives with her grandson one day asking Tenchi and company to take care of the baby for a while. None of them has any experience in child care of course. Ryoko and Ayeka display their typical competitive spirits trying to impress Tenchi. Mihoshi remains her usual good-natured, goofy self. Everyone works hard to take care of the baby as best she/he can, but the result is... well, you'll see. And this baby incident causes Washu to reveal some of her surprising past...
Episode #9 Sasami and Tsunami One nice autumn day, Tenchi and Company return to the hot spring resort. The innkeeper greets them happily - finally she has helping hands to repair her damaged buildings and do the cooking and laundry! Then, a ghost is sighted. What is this mysterious white shadow wandering about the inn?! In the middle of the commotion, Sasami feels lost and lonely. Years ago, back on the Planet Jurai, when the Royal Palace was attacked by Ryoko, something happened to awaken Tsunami, and the hidden incident is troubling Sasami deeply now... The 9th episode of our increasingly independent series!
Episode #10 I Love Tenchi One clear day with springtime just around the corner, Tenchi happens to hurt Ryo-Ohki's feelings. It was because of a misunderstanding which eventually gets rectified, but Ryo-Ohki cannot quite get back to her normal cheerful self. Then, "The Mass" (meaning "the element of all things"), a strange space creature kept in Washu's lab as a subject of her ever-troublesome experiments, comes into play to make things even worse. Ryo-Ohki's fervent desire to help Tenchi is picked up by The Mass, which causes the situation to head in an unexpected direction...Will Ryo-Ohki's wish come true!?
Episode #11 Driven by the will of Queen Tokimi, Dr. Clay, a super-genius scientist, heads for Earth to capture Washu. Tokimi, a high level dimensional life form, wishes to meet Washu in person. The evil hands of Dr. Clay reach for Tenchi and company who carry on with their daily lives, unaware of the danger. His assassin is Zero, an artificial life form who assumes Ryoko's appearance. How would Masaki Family deal with this clone of Ryoko...?! One mystery leads to another, and the story unfolds rapidly.
Episode #12 Zero has been sneaking around the Masaki family disguised as Ryoko and is going to kill Tenchi. However, Ryoko's deep love for Tenchi interrupted her assasination and she failed. Since she has been discovered she goes back to Dr. Clay with the real Ryoko. The battle between Washu and Dr. Clay, the intention of Queen Tokimi, the power of the imperial family supporting Tenchi. It is the 12th in the series that you can't take your eyes off of!
Episode #13 The Masaki family suddenly have three visitors from Jurai. Azusa, Ayeka and Sasami's father, Misaki, their Mother, and Funaho, Youshou's mother, have come to take Ayeka and Sasami back to Jurai. Someone has come to discover secrets around Tenchi's house. What are the endless secrets of Washu? Hunting their enemy Ryoko and the intention of Yosho. Intentions entangle with others and the story goes on! Father discovers thier cohabitation and Tenchi faces his biggest crisis in the series. This is the last story of the second series.
Episode #14 The Mihoshi Special Everyone knows Mihoshi, one of the beautiful girls living with Tenchi. She's a bit of a scatterbrain but she's a real Galaxy Policewoman. And, according to her, one of the best! Nobody believes her but maybe they'll acknowledge her abilities after she recounts how she and her partner, Kiyone, solved the galaxy's most notorious case! Tenchi as the Investigator, Ryoko as the space pirate, and Sasami as the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy!? All the Tenchi Muyo characters are cast (against their will?) in her amazing and unbelievable story! A special episode!

OAV First Movie Tenchi Muyo In Love DESCRIPTION HERE SOON.
OAV Second Movie A Mid Summer Night's Eve DESCRIPTION HERE SOON.

Episode #1 No Need for Asking! On the way back home, Tenchi met a mysterious beautiful girl named Ryoko. However, Tenchi found that she was wanted for space piracy. Then Mihoshi, a Galaxy Police detective, came to arrest her and caused all sorts of trouble. Two beautiful girls have come to stay at Tenchi's House.
Episode #2 No Need for Princess! A space ship which caught an emergency signal from Mihoshi came to Tenchi's house. It was princess Ayeka from Jurai. There she found Ryoko, an old acquaintance of hers. She forgot about the signal from Mihoshi and started fighting with Ryoko in their space ships.
Episode #3 No Need for Worry! Since her space ship was destroyed Ayeka has been staying at Tenchi's house. She has become more relaxed and has fallen in love with Tenchi. Then her younger sister Sasami came to pick her up. During their farewell party, Ryoko announces that she is pregnant. A troublesome customer, Ryo-ohki comes to join them. Tenchi's family trouble accelerates.
Episode #4 No need for Monster! There is a monster which was sealed away in the Masaki Shrine long ago. Ryoko takes Tenchi into the shrine to open the seal. A jealous Ayeka also follows them. While Ryoko and Ayeka are fighting, the monster in the shrine is released. It is THE genius scientist, Washu, who was banished from a space culture long ago. Tenchi's house now has another visitor.
Episode #5 No Need for a Partner! Kiyone is one of the best detectives in the Galaxy Police. One day, she recieved news that her partner, Mihoshi, who was supposed to be dead, is alive on Earth and waiting for rescue. To find out if her troublesome partner is ok, Kiyone reluctantly goes to Earth to find her. Waiting on Earth for her to discover are Mihoshi, the space pirate Ryoko and the missing princess Ayeka.
Episode #6 No Need for a Police Substation! For their misfortune, Kiyone and Mihoshi are ordered to reside on Earth. They left Tenchi's house and started their meager life in a cheap apartment. They get money from a part time job to live with, but once a galactic incident happens they fly into space! However, Mihoshi is a constant strain on their work. What will their future be?
Episode #7 No Need for a Festival Day! Sasami and Tenchi go to the Masaki Shrine for the Festival. There's lots to do with Ryoko's goldfish catching pond, Washu's haunted mansion, Aeka's shooting game and Mihoshi & Kiyone's fried noodle resturant.... lots of trouble in the stall.
Episode #8 No Need for a Genius! Washu has made a robot copy of herself. Unfortunately, Mihoshi's data got mixed into the machine and the robot started a wreckless rampage! What can Tenchi do with all this trouble?
Episode #9 The Masaki family wakes up feeling a little chilly and find out it's snowing. Katsuhito and Tenchi start their day with sword-training. Ayeka gives them a visit. Sasami, Ryoohki, Azaka and Kamidake come to pick her up. Sasami while skating on the pond finds Ayeka's space-ship Ryuou revived. Ayeka looks at the light from the spaceship under the ice. In the evening, Nobuyuki, who went to work on Sunday despite the snow, comes home but he's acting strange. Katsuhito suggests to have a party. Ayeka and Ryoko gets drunk but Katsuhito and Nobuyuki are quiet as they drink. Tenchi was sent to get more to drink. On the way home, Tenchi realizes something. He hurries home but falls in front of the house because of the flu he has. He gets better the following day and runs to his mother's grave and finds Nobuyuki and Katsuhito there.
Episode #10 Nagi finds out Ryoko is living on Earth with a man and follows her there. Nagi is the strongest person in the Universe but her fights with Ryoko have always ended in a tie. Nagi arrives on Earth with Kenoohki who looks like Ryoohki. Nagi takes Tenchi hostage and forces Ryoko to fight with her near Venus. Ryoko thinks she may not win the fight this time but leaves for Venus to save Tenchi. Ryoko tries to attack from her spaceship but Ryoohki refuses to attack Kenoohki. Soon, Kenoohki stops his attack on Ryoohki despite an order from Nagi. Nagi and Ryoko gives up their spaceships to fight a one on one battle as Sasami and Kiyone look on. In the midst of the fight, Ayeka saves Tenchi and they are about to escape to Earth. Nagi tries to stop them from escaping. When Ryoko is ready to deliver the finishing blow to Nagi, Ryoohki tries to stop her.
Episode #11 A bath that was supposed to be separated into men's and women's by different dimensions was somehow connected. The incident was a side effect of the Dimension controlling machine that Washu invented. Ryoko and Ayeka learn that the machine can change the world in anyway one wants and show interest in it. Washu makes it clear that nobody in the house is allowed to operate the machine because it is still incomplete. That night, Ayeka, Mihoshi, Sasami and Kiyone, all put their own dream world to the machine. The machine, overwhelmed by the information, goes out of control. Everyone in the Masaki household are thrown into another dimension. The dimension they first arrive is the Court of the Heian period. Princess Ayeka worries over her fiance Tenchi who was ordered to kill the evil goblin of the Rashomon. She asks Kiyone and Mihoshi to help Tenchi to kill the Goblin. However, princess Ayeka sees red when she finds out Tenchi has actually befriended the Goblin Ryoko. Different dimension, but the same battle over Tenchi by Ryoko and Ayeka.
Episode #12 The Masaki family are forced to travel through different dimensions because of the uncontrollable Dimension machine. Every time Washu deletes one dimension, the family is thrown into the next one. Hart-broken iyone arrives to a port town. Kiyone used to be a detective but left her job because she hated her partner, Mihoshi, so much. She meets Ayeka and Sasami in Tenchi's Ramen resturaunt. Kiyone starts to work in Ayeka's bar but one day Mihoshi shows up. The next dimension they are sent to is the world of pretty Sammy. Ayeka, the president of the student body at a peaceful school, and school's outsider, Ryoko are fighting over Tenchi as usual. Sasami fell in love with Tenchi at first sight and turns herself into a Magical Girl Pretty Sammy in order to save Tenchi from both Ryoko and Ayeka. Sasami uses her magical power to turn Ayeka and Ryoko into friends but they become more than friends?! Kiyone, the teacher can't believe her eyes when she sees Ryoko and Ayeka holding each other's hands as they blush and embrace each other.
Episode #13 In this first world, Tenchi and Mihoshi are a married couple with grammar school child, Sasami. They get along well but their house-mate Ayeka is a bad sister in law. Mihoshi also doesn't like their widow neighbor Ryoko because she flirts with Tenchi every chance she gets. The next world they transport to is Manhattan, New York. Ryoko a gang member is robbing a bank with Tenchi, the son of a preacher, who she kidnapped. Tenchi's fiance Ayeka, the heir of a large amount of money, ignores Kiyone, the FBI investigator and offer a reward for Tenchi. Tenchi and Ryoko run away to San Francisco. Washu appears in front of them and tells them that in order to return to their normal dimension, Ryoko, who created the information for that dimension in the machine, needs to deny that new world. Tenchi asks her to do whatever it takes to return to the normal world, but Ryoko flies away. She was shocked to find that Tenchi wasn't enjoying the trip with her. Can they return to their normal world?!
Episode #14 Peaceful morning. Tenchi leaves for school while Ayeka and Ryoko see him off. That afternoon, Kiyone drops by the house to report her promotion from Headquarters. Everyone except Mihoshi was happy to hear about her promotion. Then they hear noise from upstairs. On his way home Tenchi hears the noise as well and looks up to find a spaceship in the sky. And his house is not where it's supposed to be. Tenchi meets with Katsuhito and Ryoohki and Washu, Mihoshi, Kiyone and Nobuyuki come back to the ground in a capsule. According to Washu, the army of Jurai came with their spaceship and took the house with everyone in it. The Jurai army arrested Sasami and Ryoko for treason. Someone who claims to be the legitimate successor of Jurai came into power and ordered the army to arrest Ayeka. Tenchi and his friends chase after the spaceship to save them with a machine Washu invents. However, they can't go back to Earth!!!
Episode #15 Tenchi and friends are running away from the Jurai army. Kiyone and Mihoshi went to headquarters. On the way to her bosses office, Kiyone bumps into Mitsuki an old friend of hers. Kiyone learns her friend was promoted to a higher position than she is and the division she was placed in is for chores. Kiyone's boss asks her about Ayeka and where they went. A guy from the information bureau tells Kiyone about a legendary man Yoshou who became the new ruler of Jurai and that Ayeka plans to rebel against him. Around the same time, Mihoshi sees the news on TV about Ayeka being wanted for treason. Mihoshi goes to their bosses office to tell Kiyone what's going on. The man from the information bureau and their boss were having a secret meeting and Mihoshi hears them accuse Kiyone of being one of Ayeka's rebel member. Kiyone gets surrounded by the police but is saved by Mihoshi. Mihoshi also saves Tenchi and the others who were surrounded by patrol ships. Kiyone is now not only fired from her job but also wanted for a crime she never committed.
Episode #16 Tenchi and his friends go to Jurrai to resolve the misunderstandings and false accusation. They re-built the living room of their house within Yagami and are throwing a big karaoke party. In the midst of the party Yagami runs out of gas. But they spent all of their money purchasing the karaoke set. They are now forced to work in order to get enough gas to get to their destination. Tenchi and his friends open a bar in a city where everyone knows about Ayeka being wanted. Ryoko, Mihoshi and Washu make customers drink till they drop. Ryoko's rival Nagi comes to the bar but doesn't notice the drunk Ryoko. They charge Nagi an outrageous amount for her drink. The same night, Mihoshi accidentally blows up the bar. Everyone escapes to outer space in the spaceship but get trapped between a patrol ship and a Jurai army ship. Nagi comes in to claim Ryoko as hers. They escape while the three of them fight amongst each other.
Episode #17 Yagami has engine trouble. While everyone is trying to fix it, Ryoko goes into the food storage room and empties it. Ryoko says she will take care of the food. She bums money from Ayeka and leaves for grocery shopping. But Ryoko and Ryoohki go into a bar, in the middle of the day. Then they go to a fancy restaurant, bar, and casino. After the paying for all of their food and entertainment, they only have a little change left. They try to make money by betting on a horse but fail. They see a bank when they are at a loss for what to do... Druing this time Tenchi and the others in the spaceship are starving without any food or gas. Ryoko and Ryoohki come home with tons of money, but no food. Tenchi and the others are disappointed.
Episode #18 Yagami wanders into a spaceship graveyard, "SALGASSOU". When the clock strikes midnight, the engine of the ship starts having trouble and a ghost-spaceship appears from nowhere. Yagami's engine completely stops when the ghost-ship stops right next to it. Some wierd things happen to the members of the Masaki family. Sasami sees Mirei, a girl the same age as her, when she is sleeping alone in her room. Sasami and Mirei go through a mirror and into the ghost-ship. Ryoohki who was keeping an eye on Mirei goes into the ship as well. Sasami and Mirei tease Tenchi and the others from the ghost-ship. Sasami and Mirei plays in an illusional amusement park and other places from Sasami's memory. After a while, Sasami tells Mirei she needs to go back to the others who must be worried about where she went. Sasami and Mirei promise an ever-lasting friendship and part ways. The ghost-ship departs and an old picture stand in Mirei's room is decorated with a pink ribbon and the picture inside is replaced with Sasami and Mirei's photo.
Episode #19 Tenchi and the others are eating beef bowl at a diner. Tenchi and Ryoko leave the diner while Ayeka and Sasami are still there finishing their meal. Tenchi sees Yagami, the spaceship, leaving with Katsuhito and Nobuyuki in it. The spaceship was hijacked by Amarube and his girlfriend Yula. Tenchi and the others chase after the ship. They eventually lose the ship but see in the news that it was trapped by the Galaxy police. Amarube is losing his cool facing the Galactic police. Ryoko transports herself abord the Yagami. The nova is coming towards the Yagami and Amarube can't take the pressure of it all, so he faints. Tenchi and the others find Katsuhito and Nobuyuki safe and sound but...
Episode #20 Tenchi and friends take part-time jobs at a planet beach house to some money to fix the broken Yagami. Tenchi sells ice-cream and so on at the beach but it's not going very well. Everyone except Kiyone, who became a life-guard, is loosing their interest in their job. They hear a beach announcement for a swim-suit contest that'll be held and the prize money for the winner is 100,000,000 Jurai Dollars. All of the girls want to compete. Especially Ayeka and Ryoko want to compete to decide who's the best. Nagi shows up and wants to battle with Ryoko while the rest of the girls go off to get the best swim suit there is. Ryoko asks Nagi if the battle could wait until the swim-suite show is done. Much to Ryoko's surprise, Nagi agrees. The contest opens and Ayeka goes on stage first. Then, Ryoko comes on the stage with a big applause. However, girls after them were also good. Kiyone gets a lot of applause for the tan she got while she was working at the beach. Nagi comes on stage at the last minute. Nagi wins the first prize! But Ryoko steals the money and runs away with her friends.
Episode #21 The planet station has a heavy police force to catch Ayeka and her friends. Tenchi and everyone disguise themselves as school girls, and pretend like they are on school trip trying to sneak through the police screening. Someone becomes suspicious while watching the monitor. A man named Sagami approaches as Tenchi and the others pass the guard station with the help of Washu's disguises. Except Mihoshi who gets stopped by the police because they found something suspicious in her bag. Ryoko, Tenchi and Sasami run with Mihoshi. As Sasami runs from the police she remembers when she was lost when she was little. Sasami gets trapped and loses consciousness from the sleep gas but is saved by Sagami. Sagami saves Tenchi and his friends so they can escape the police. They transport themselves into the spaceship and everyone reaches safety. Sasami finds her uncle who protected her when she was younger.
Episode #22 Tenchi and the others finally reach the Jurai system. Tenchi tells Ayeka how he can't wait to prove their innocence and return safely to Earth. Ayeka has mixed feelings about Tenchi's comment. Shoukaitei of Jurai discovers the Yagami and opens fire. At Katsuhito's advise, Yagami runs to a secret area to escape. Tenchi and the others land on one of the planets there. They walk through a graveyard. Using Jurai powers, Katsuhiko successfully revives the legendary knights, Azaka and Kamidake. They learn that Katsuhito is really Yoshou and how he became Katsuhito Masaki. Shoukaitei attacks them again but Azaka and Kamidake fight back showing their legendary power.
Episode #23 Tenchi and the others hide in Jurai's abandoned area. In the garden, they find a statue of young Yoshou which looks exactly like Tenchi and a statue of Kagato without face. Katsuhito assumes that the fake Yoshou is really Kagato. Ayeka asks Tenchi to stay with her in Jurai but that doesn't sit well with Ryoko. Tenchi has mixed feelings about being a descendant of Jurai. Kagato appears in front of Katsuhito while he is reminiscing about his past. Kagato, who was blown to another dimension by Katsuhito in their last fight, wants another battle with him. Kagato has been dreaming about a second chance to kill Katsuhito. The power of the righteous Jurai collide with the force of the dark Jurai and release a tremendous amount of energy. Katsuhito is killed by Kagato and Ryoko gets seriously injured as she tries to save him. Ayeka is taken to the royal kingdom. Katsuhito gives his secret sword, the Tenchiken, to Tenchi in hopes that he can avenge him.
Episode #24 Ryoko is bearing the pain of her injury alone. The Yagami which was hiding in the old palace is attacked by the Jurai army, but is saved by Kenoohki and escapes to another planet. Meanwhile, convinced by Katsuhito, Tenchi who is insecure about his ability to fight, makes up his mind to battle Kagato. Ryoko tries to stop Tenchi and asks him to escape to the outer space with her, but Tenchi declines the offer. Ryoko promises to take Tenchi to the King's palace and leaves with Tenchi and the two legendary knights. Ryoohki passes the through Jurai forces while Kenoohki acts as a decoy. Ryoko deals with all the attacks and pain of her injury by sheer will power. Ryoohki drops off Tenchi who isn't aware of Ryoko's injury and then takes off to outer space with a critically injured Ryoko.
Episode #25 Tenchi and the knights run into the palace. Kagato's knight Tetta appears in front of them and Azaka fights with him. meanwhile, in outer space, Kenoohki destroyed all the fighting spaceships. Washu takes over a orbit satellite using her newest invention, the "DOKODEMO-FUSUMAR", and successfully destroys the army's control system. Tenchi and Kamidake meet another opponent as they continue on their way to the throne room. Tenchi goes into the throne room while Kamidake battles with Tessei. In the throne room, Kagato is waiting for Tenchi. Tenchi sees Ayeka trapped inside a cage. Tenchi challenges Kagato with his sword but Kagato blows him off with special powers. Ayeka tries to help Tenchi with her powers but is overthrown by Kagato. Tenchi manages to tap the true power of Jurai inside himself when he sees her hurt.
Episode #26 Tenchi wins the battle with Kagato. The truth comes out and Ayeka's innocence is declared. Katsuhito regains consciousness. The Guardian bodies of Azaka and Kamidake are revived and they become human again and enjoy life playing with Sasami and her game system. Washu took office as the Royal Space Academy's honorary President. Kiyone and Mihoshi are promoted to head of their department in the galaxy police. But nobody knows where Ryoko is. Tenchi declines the offer to take the position of King of JURAI despite Ayeka's wishes and returns to the Earth leaving his friends. Tenchi starts his quiet and peaceful life on the Earth just like it was before Ryoko had arrived. At school, and more so at the house, Tenchi reminisces about the good times he had with his friends. He tells himself those days are over but...
The second(Shin) Tenchi TV series started airing in Japan on 4/1/97. Episode #1 "Cherry Blossom" Okayama in spring---the Tenchi family is enjoying lazy days. One day, Tenchi tells everyone he has to leave to Tokyo for spiritual training. As soon as he gets to Tokyo, Tenchi and his grandfather have to perform a ritual for a temple (Shibuya Temmangu) they are staying at. During the ritual, four evil spirits appear and attack them. Tenchi is caught between a rock and a hard place but gets saved by six mysterious females who come from different dimension to save him. The next day, Tenchi goes to school where a girl who sits next to him seems very interested in him.
Episode #2 "Matchmaking" Tenchi's new life in Tokyo begins. The exit of the dimensional tunnel that connect Okayama and Tokyo is on the bottom of Tenchi's Futon. Ryoko and Ayeka jump out of the tunnel and fight in Tenchi's room in Tokyo. Tenchi gets hit on by his classmate Sakuya. Tenchi takes Sakuya's hand and runs when Ryoko and Ayeka see them together. They run to a near by Temple and there appears Ine, the God of Matchmaking. Ine tries to keep them together by tying them together by the red ribbon of destiny.

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