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Tenchi Muyo! is a japanese animation about a boy who lives a very strange life. He was living normally till one day >>>WHAM<<< a demon, a few princess's and a few space cops drop in to live with him. Not to mention the super genius scientist who decides to make her self at home.He begins to lead a very funny, action filled life along side all his new female friends, who aren't exactly old and ugly. Tenchi seems to not care that they are girls, and takes no apparant interest in any of them. They all want him though. He finds out he's a descendant of the Juriain Royal Family and that he has been told stories all his life about wars and space pirates, that he though were fake and now he has to face with his grandfather Yosho's tutilage. He has a cool sword that shares his name, Tenchi.

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This is Ryoko the demon, she was the first to meet Tenchi. He releases her from her prison cave in the first episode, she has loved Tenchi since he was just a little boy. Though he did not know she existed other than the stories of "A demon sleeps there". Tenchi's grandfather Yosho was the warrior who first sealed there 700 years ago. Juriains live a long time. At first she tries to kill Tenchi for revenge(go figure) then he goes home and shes in his bed. :-) She kinda likes all the characters accept Princess Ayeka, who she hates very very much, and is a rival with for "Tenchi's love".

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Lord Tenchi

Tenchi Masaki is a teenager with a lot of mishaps. He goes to school everyday, except in summer when he trains with his grandfather by doing chores and learning differant sword techniques. I can't really say if he like any of the female characters, it looks like he likes Princess Ayeka the best, wich dissapoints me, because he should like Ryoko cause she is the coolest.

Princess Ayeka

Princess Ayeka is a snobby little princess from planet Juria. She is Yosho's brother and had planned on marrying him until he ran off to defeat Ryoko and ended up on earth. She takes an almost immediate liking to "Lord Tenchi" and falls in love with him. She has Juriain fighting powers, and she hates Ryoko. Yourou(I think), her ship crashed with her and washu is helping her to regrow the seed so yourou can be ressurrected. Princess Sasami is her little sister. The two sisters get along, and love each other very much.

Princess Sasami

Princess Sasami is Princess Ayeka's little sister, she is cute and lovable and one of the best cast members. She has really long hair and Ryo-ohki loves to hang around with her. She had a childhood accident causing her to become one essence with Tsunami, who she will grow up to look like. Princess Sasami is nice to everyone and Tenchi seems to like her alot. She is still a child and is enjoying her childhood. She also loves to cook and makes most of the family meals when Washu isn't cooking.


Washu is "The Greatest Scientific Genious In The Universe" so to speak. She has chosen to stay in a younger looking body instead maturing because of a tragedy invlolving her old husband, she doesn't want to have to face the world as an adult. She is very smart though, and instead of taking up space in the Masaki house like everyone else she just added a extra dimension in the storage closet, where she works and studies. She helps out greatly, and is a great mother figure as shown in episode 8 with the baby. She is Ryoko's mother and Ryo-Ohki's creator. She can cook and she gets along with everyone though she is the one always stressing Mihoshi's stupidity.


Mihoshi is a galxy police detective. She is very clumsy and also VERY stupid. She enjoys life no matter what happens and nothing seems to bother her or really hurt her feelings. Her partner is Detective Kiyone. Mihoshi is very nice to Tenchi and tries her best to help around the Masaki shrine and House. She ended up on earth after chasing Ryoko and crashing her ship. Now she just lives with them and she doesn't look forward to going back to her duties, which is why she is so happy when she is assigned to earth as her assignment.


Detective Kiyone is Mihoshi's galxy police partner, but she is not too thrilled about it. She doesn't hate Mihoshi she just wishes she would die or something so that she could have a succesful career instead of taking the fall for all of Mishoshi's mishaps. In the show when Kiyone and Mihoshi are assigned to earth, they get jobs and Kiyone gets compliments and Mihoshi gets them fired. Kiyone is an excellant fighter and detective and graduated top of her class, she just got unlucky.

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