Hello, my name is George Frick. I am a Junior at
Washington High School in Milwaukee, WI. I am a 
programmer, skateboarder, coder, mudder and I love 
anime. I am taking advanced courses in math, and 

   I have won 2 of 2 computer contests at my school and I am
also a Wash-House webmaster, which means I help design the
school web page, and free web pages for the community to 
bring it together. 
I am a 3 year skateboarder though I skated off and on my
whole life I have recently become dedicated to it. I can do
minor tricks at this time, i trying to learn though. It is 
very hard being a skater in Milwaukee, it is cold and snowy
about 60% of the year, and the rest of the year the roads,
side walks and parking lots all suck.

   I have built 3 areas for muds, one being alive and running
at: Legend of The Nobles. which is a cool
new mud made by a team of coders/builders/idea mean and all together
cool people, making it a great mud, with nonstandard classes/races and many
new skills. I advise this mud to old and new players alike.

  I am learning C, and C++ right now and I have previously 
mastered BASIC(I don't admit it) and DCL programming on VMS(VAX).

  BEING A TOOL: I decided to write a little about being a tool.
If someone asks you to help them with something, befriends you
for a purpose etc, you are therefore one of that person's TOOLS.
At Legend Of The Nobles mud, I bust my ass mapping, coding areas
I finished one and was almost done with another, while working
on a HUGE UD like area. Well now I'm not a builder. Go figure.
Their players are lovin my area. And I'm lovin the the TOOL stamp
my friends put on my forehead. The thing that proves tooldom-
If when and after you are done helping this person/people whom
which are supposed to be your new friend(s) and everything is
done and over, if you aren't still their friend, and you weren't
even thanked, >>> WHAM <<< you have now been a TOOL.


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