Releast date in Japan is set for August 3rd, we might get it in time for Gencon!!!!

A Mid Summer Night's Eve

Well, Here is MY explanation on the whole thing, I did research and I found a lot of facts fans will want to know. The facts, more pictures and other stuff, will be going in over the next few days.

This is a picture of the normal cast, with an extra member, Mayuka. She is the one in the middle, who claims to be Tenchi's daughter. She has arrived from the future, and doesn't remember how she got there, or who her mother is.

Now it may be just me, but I do think that she is a tad bit to friendly with Tenchi, as if he wasn't her father she says he is.

In this picture she demonstrates her ability to call the light hawk wings, something only Tenchi should be able to do. And unlike Tenchi she can call them whenever she pleases. This is built off facts I've read and raises my suspicions.

This is just a pic I found...

This is another picture of her getting a little toooooooo close to Tenchi, what can I say. Does that look like daughter/father to you? But it also looks a bit like she is teasing him. I put the second picture right next to it, to give another example of the non father/daughter relationship these two seem to have.

1. The Washu Theory:
   This is the theory/rumor people have about Mayuka, that she was
built by Washu, which would be why she has attributes of all the females
in the series. The funny thing is that Washu tests Tenchi and confirms
her as being his daughter.

2. The Lady Tokimi Theory:

   This is another theory I found to be believed on the net, that she was
sent by Lady Tokimi to kill Tenchi and/or get the Power Gems from
Ryoko. I find this story a little more believable, after all she doesn't
act very daughterly.

3. MY Kagato theory:

   No villian in any story exits the story line like Kagato did,
he died a bit easy, and didn't even seem angry about it. I don't 
have much evidence at all for this, but when you think about it,
the possibilities are there, and they would make for a great

4. Theory:
   This guy wrote me an email, and shot up my theories, so I thought
I would put his theory here, its basically the Washu theory more 

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