Jamerz' Guestbook (and nobody cares.)
Well, this is a guestbook, not because I need a guestbook, nor because I feel like getting a guestbook. This is a guestbook because I'm sort of bored out of my skull, and figured I could pass the time making a guestbook. So, here it is.

Well, after two weeks, and not a single entry, I have come to the conclusion that nobody cares what happens to this page. In face, I'm starting to think that nobody really notices that I'm here. even people I know. Ignore this, I'm just ranting and rav ng.

09/01/00 00:35:46
Name: Larry Wiginton My URL: Visit Me
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09/06/99 05:37:02
Name: jules
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Wow was your speach in the guest horrible, i never knew how pathetic you could be. just kidding. but next time put something intelligent instead the bullshit about the angel of death. love, julie

09/06/99 05:32:47
Name: rfjgj
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- 01/03/99 03:14:54
Location: USA

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10/14/98 10:23:28
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
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Just surfing. Thanks.

Cindy - 09/07/98 14:18:58
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comment: Nice page.... please come visit my 0001011 site :-) Thanks, Cindy

08/17/98 21:49:21
Name: Guess Who! My URL: Visit Me
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Hey Brice, Just checking out your page. It's awesome! Alot better than Chads, you can tell thaT there is actual work beeing done. And that you know what your doing. =) Well i kinda agree with Rob, It is hard to find it. I was looking all over for it. hehe Well i guess i finally found it..just clicking around. then i notice the thing at the top. Decided to click it. hehe and here i am. But yes i agree that page design ha alot to do with making a page. I wish i had some good designing on my page, not even close. I really should have more links to stuff, way way easier to find stuff. It really does keep the people wondering, and wanting to see what you have to say. It work d for me here.I also wish i couldmake my own graphics i'm not too much of an artist. I will try it out though. Your graphics are really nice. And you really inspired me to make my page look desent, i'm working on that one. And make it more readable. And w rth going to. I would probably start it out a little better too. But anywayz i think i over did my welcome. And i will see you/talk to you soon. Thanks Joelene

08/17/98 07:12:39
Name: Eleven My URL: Visit Me
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See, look what you made me do. I pride myself on not signing guestbooks, yet here I am. I have one point to make about this guestbook though: It is too hard to find. Too many people ignore the little Geoguide at the top of the page (if it is on your m in page at all?), and move on. You should put a more prominent link on your page(s) so that people will notice it.

07/23/98 05:39:16
Name: me My URL: Visit Me
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bleh. Have to sign my own guestbook, just to make sure it even works.

07/31/98 11:29:47
Name:Ae;rog My URL: Visit Me
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It's late, I'm tired, and I have no life. Time to sign my own guestbook again. If you're reading this, and are wondering what is going on, let me put it simply. . . .People hate my page. It doesn't matter if it's well-designed (which it isn't, really). The only thing everybody where I live cares about is chad's page, which is surprisingly badly designed (Chad, if you're reading this (which I doubt), I'm sorry, but your page is really terrible. No, really. it's bad. Very bad. Those assembly-line, ta teless rotating graphics make it look SO cheezy and unimaginative. Hated to be the one to break it to you), and features just about no content (another tragic truth). Why why WHY!?!?! What is so special?!!? I guess I'm just being cynical, but what els is there to do when you have an inane distaste for the society you live in (If you're from Nipawin, and need help with some of these bigger words, feel free to e-mail me and I'll try to relate them to hockey or beer so you understand (this does not apply to all people from Nipawin, just a great deal from my school and a good percentage of the town)). As for the rest of the time, I'm feeling unignorably compelled to carry my sword around more and more. But, I'm just wasting time now, so I'll leave the re t of it to another late night when I'm cynical and depressed. P.S. I am the Angel of Death. The time of Purification is at hand. Yes, that means you. Especially if you've screwed over my life in the past 6 months. I'd name names, but it's late, and I'm lazy by nature.

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