Zero Space

  • Eleven's Page - A very good site. Home of the "Canadian, Eh?" campaign

  • RPGamer - Quite possibly one of the best and most comprehensive RPG sites on the 'net. Definitely worth checking out.

  • The Dilbert Zone - Quite possibly one of the best comics to date.

  • N.O.I.S.E Music - Great digital music.

  • The U.S. UnOfficial FF8 page - An excellent Final Fantasy 8 site.

  • The Sunshine Village Homepage - One of the best ski hills in Banff

  • The Lake Louise Homepage - The other "best" ski hill in Banff

  • Rossignol - Can you say "greatest skis on earth?"

  • Maunder's Manifesto - If you are looking for something funny to read, this is it. One of the best (although most insulting) lists ever.

  • PC Games Movies - Whoever did these has WAY too much free time, but definitely some of the best work I've ever seen. Funniest movies.