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  • What exactly is this section? Well, it's everything that I have probably done that I wanted to put on a webpage, but either couldn't find a decent place to put it, or didn't have a page that could use it. Most likely, this is just a place to go if you have very little to do, or want to read the latest stuff from my slightly off-centre view of things. People tell me the top 10 lists are funny, but a lot of them might only be funny to people that know me. As for people's names showing up on lists, or the manifesto. . . . just take it lightly; it usually isn't meant in an insulting way. In some cases. . . yes, you do deserve it. In those cases, I apologize that you are so screwed up. But, that's enough of that, here's the random stuff.

  • Top 10 Lists - Random top 10 lists on topics that just happen to come up. Home of the now-not-very-but-at-least-a-bit-famous "Top 10 reasons why a Playstation (R) is better than a girlfriend" list.

  • Artwork - A bunch of random computer graphics I made while bored. Apparently people say they're good.

  • About the Author - Want to know something about the author? Revengeful at someone and want to waste internet connect time? Here's a good place to do either or both. It also includes my "Hello to the world" list. If your name is here, it's a good thing. If it's in the link before this one. . . .not good.

  • My Guestbook - Want to write anything? Didn't think so. Something added to the page out of sheer boredom. Kinda like my hotmail address, except I respect the company that gave me my guestbook.