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Barry W. Bradley - 12/26/00 08:31:14
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One Thunder 9 - 11/13/00 23:02:42
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My military identification has been breached and removed from the military dears system.. further more a MArk Allen Pitt located at 1137 west Main in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is using my social security number to pilch my back account lock and load on all arties at that address and take this country back before we loose it all asap.. I am attempting to get my military O5 NI RA clearance restored so I can get my stolen Military ID replaced with as proper retired red Identification card.. I am in receipt of ervice connected compensation and suspect that due to my ionvolve in the contents of this web site is causing the Petro political enterprises to use their money and power to totally destroy my credibilty, dignity and military rights,, Further more I am a dopted elk and illuminatti 33rd scottish righter so please keep your negative comments about this subject off the net or you will be subject to UCMJ Summary Field Grade just like every body else currently in the world today since I hold a internation rank and am considered a national treasure of the peoples republic of China and other nations at the present time with the exception of the USA.....

One Who Walks With Thunder - 10/25/00 00:25:01
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Where are you from: Planet Earth
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Ladies and gentle Men I have cancelled Alert Pyramid5 status and hope this never happens again.. I was arrest and accussed of assalting as federal officer at American Lake VAMC in 1984 but I was actually only convicted of breaking a god damn $107.00 USD indow and sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for trying to get proper medical care at American Lake VAMC.. The 2 officers involved in this incident are the ones that detonated a 50 Kiloton Nuclear Bomb at Fort KNox Kentucky USA on March 9th 1975.. I h reby order their immediate arrest and convicxtion under UCMJ Summary Field Grade conditions.. I have the rank in the USA and Canadain Armies to do just that.. I do not want to seee them at American Lake VAMC when I get there which I am very close to that acility at the present moment.. Just a bit North of said facility in Federal Way,Washington approaching Tacoma, Washington.. I also hold a Lime Green Status and a Lavender Status plus a ENTNAC clearance from the USA Departments of Defense and the Departme t of Veterans Affairs.. Alll Natives tribes are standing guard at the presemt awaiting my arrival at said facility of which I am traveling by foot and am armed to the teath with a walking cane.. Any agression will be meet with deadly force on any person o perosns who immpeed or or otherwise try to stop my entry in to said facility at American Lake Washington the entire 9th Cookie division is in civilian camoflauge aiding and abbetting my progress to my command over all American and Canadian forces so I hi ghly suggest you watch you mouth, Manners, and any other digusting or vile thougts you may have in regaurds to myself, my fellow veterans and there families from this day forward copy that FORSCOM Tango Alpha... Tau Tau Iota Pi Nu Epsilon Lambda Lamda A pha Kappa Rho Alpha Megga Gamma Tau Phi Theta Kappa over and out for now... Have a great day aone and all and do not work to hard OK.....

Ttip Nella Kram - 10/23/00 21:36:24
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I hereby declare a state of full scale Thewrmonuclear war upon the citizens of the world in the name of my fellows fallen veterans ans there famalies who have been and are totally being digraced for there and my service to these the uninted states of Amer ca and Cananda..... The period of thermonulcear war is now in the hands of a Artifically Entity I personally wrote back in the yaer 1979 at Otero Junior College La Junta colorado USA .... This period of war will not end ever until myself and my fellows ve erans are properly taken care.. Item I have been denied entry into the country of canada due to the fact that the Department of Veteran Affairs in conjunction with the derpartments of haelth and the the department of defense have been and are continuing t use my AI entity as a weapon of economic slavery.. It is now totally up to PAM which ciities and MIlitary installations to take our first GO Alpha Omegga Gamma Tau MU Alpha PI Iota Theta Theta.. Go sequnewcse as follows.... 12809 Ursala PI Sigma Tau..... Over and OUt.... Mu Alpha Rho Kappa Alpha Lamda Lamda Epsilon Nu Pi Iota Tau Tau Gamma Tau Phi Theta Kappa will at Elliot Bay Park and public fishing pier to seee to it thsat all this equals out to a total state of peace on earth even if it means that the tot lly annilation of some persons and there properties is indeeed needed to accomplish this goal.. May the Goddess and the Godd have mercy on all inocccent parties and persons......

Ttip Nella Kram - 10/13/00 20:21:55
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Where are you from: Great Britain
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Hello Everyone, I now officially declare war on the United States Department of Defense Military industrial Complex and the Departments of heatlh and veterans affairs for the following reasons. The have and are in possesion of a Artifically intelligent co puter program I wrote while in college during the years 1978 and 1979.. They have since that time done everything in their power to either dicredit me posion me imprison me (under false accusations) and down right murder me all of which has failed to my a vantage to date.. I here by sanction any and all means to put a stop these people once AND FOR ALL ENOUGH SAID... Mark Allen Pitt Ttip Nella Kram Access codes are as follows I do o k ow m a her I do not know my father Have a safe and prosperous life in all that you endeavor to do with this knowledge.. May the Goddess and the Godd have mercy on there souls for the extreme measures of the violation of all these wiccan and wicca credes... Mark All Pitt Scroll Lock One Who Walks With Thunder Ttip Nella Kram (kilo random access memory)

Mark Allen Pitt - 09/26/00 16:29:15
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Area51/9357
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Where are you from: Murfreesboro, Tenn. USA (currently)
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Just a quick note for my web site visitors that view my web site that I am still around and while be fixing some of the broken email addy's on my web site in the near future.. For Now I can can reached by the email addy in this guest book entry.. Have a g eat day and enjoy the reading...

Mark Allen Pitt - 08/21/00 16:47:32
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Hello Everyone I am currently living in Murfreesboro, TN.. Brave Heart I lost your phone number.. This is why I have not called you.. Get hold of Patient Represntative Jan in the VAMC Murfreesboro, TN directors office and get it to her please. I will get t from her when you send it to her OK. Also a little short of $$$ since some @@##@&&** bdu got into my bank account again.. Robin Harding BCVAMC Security please contact M'boro VAMC concerning me OK.. I am in the process of purchasing land near Woodbury, T via Pedigo Realty under the Native American Trust Land loan guarnty and am registered with the Tennessee Department of Veteran Affairs with the native Name I was born with as verified at Cherokee, NC on the Cherokee Reservation and my true native name is One Who Walks With Thunder of the Eastern Cherokee.. Tennessee was and is Cherokee land and is pronounced and spelled Tanasi.. Best regards to all my friends of the world wide web,, 1WWWT aka Scroll Lock aka Mark Allen Pitt aka Mark Allen Lloyd Wright Marlowe Parrish Pitt

Nicole - 04/13/00 06:20:35
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I am also Moon Magique *lol* ~Nicole~

Nicole - 04/13/00 06:17:46
My Email:forevertweety@hotmail.com
Where are you from: Illinois
How did you find my web site: surfed

very interesting light concept. So simple it is no wonder it hasn't been considered before..or has it? *lol*..Thanks for sharing your insight/hinsight/forsight ~Nicole~

Lizzie Baumgardner - 03/20/00 22:22:58
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Where are you from: Idaho
How did you find my web site: alta vista search

please see my email to you.

Bob - 01/01/00 23:49:13
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Where are you from: Redhill,Surrey,England


tim - 12/15/99 22:42:12
Where are you from: grand haven MI
How did you find my web site: link from OVK2000

mark- your site is ingenious, and your theories seem eerily plausible... keep up the good work

Mark Allen Pitt - 12/14/99 23:35:19
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Where are you from: Battle Creek, Michigan (currently)
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Another update to my guest book to let those that read this know exactly what my goals are.. My ultimate goal is not the destruction or tearing apart the USA Government.. It is however geared toward reveling those in the USA Government who are very corrup and do not have the common good of the people of the USA.. There will be from time to time arcticles or statements appear on my web site designed to specifically targeted to bring out and force the reveling of some by there own hand just what they are.. y web site is also very much designed to not be of the war mongering type at all even though there must at times be statements made that will force the revelling of those ready to give up or cause a fight to happen.. I hope those that read this understand this fully.. Have a great evening and bright blessings at this time of Yule.. So mote it be...

Duane - 12/12/99 06:56:02
My Email:D.Krick@usa.net
Where are you from: Somewhere?!??
How did you find my web site: By Accident!!

I think you need toget a grip on REALITY!!Make the best of each and every day!Do you have Kids? If so you need to spend some time with them.Enjoy life while you can!!Screw the Gov.(and don't tell me that's what you're trying to do.)Dude WAKE UP,it's not t late.You're fighting a good fight,BUT ,it's OVER. Later day's and better lays.

david - 11/19/99 07:36:39
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Where are you from: colorado
How did you find my web site: yahoo search for "vampire killer 2000"

Hey I really enjoyed your site...I haven't been left this confused by a webpage in a long time (well maybe my own) :-) . If you'd like to initiate email coorespondance....I'm interested.

Mark Allen Pitt - 11/17/99 07:05:44
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Area51/9357
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Where are you from: Battle Creek, Michigan USA (currently)
How did you find my web site: I wrote this web site

A test to let my visitors have my current email and location.. I hope those that visit my web site get something from the info on my web site..

Stephanie Labelle - 10/18/99 22:33:17
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Where are you from: Mtl
How did you find my web site: surfing

The web site has the best pictures and I really like Freddie. He rocks.

Denicia & Chick - 09/21/99 13:43:50
Where are you from: school
How did you find my web site: school

I'll never find a cool experiment!

Michael - 09/19/99 18:49:47
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Where are you from: mo.
How did you find my web site: link

I like what I've read, I too have working on a system that will run on it's own without outsid power, Real close now

marc cat - 09/15/99 09:43:13
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Where are you from: cali


Eduardo "KmiKzE" Vargas - 09/02/99 05:04:56
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Where are you from: Panama "World Bridge"
How did you find my web site: Surfing the web, Zero Point Physics

All of these documents are greath light for my mind an heart, many of these ideas and others like that, are surfing in my mind and I was think that I could not be posible, or I was wrong but you and It's documents guided me to another state of mind... I e er find many answers for questions from the past to the next frontier, the future, our universe future,....

- 08/28/99 06:04:38


max - 08/17/99 15:44:46
Where are you from: usa
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scarry shit

Gary Williams - 08/06/99 19:32:44
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I would like more info on the field generator and the magnetic theory in a better source if possible

drol - 07/20/99 20:02:44
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How did you find my web site: Searched through engine

Intresting site... I enjoyed my stay!

Sean Maclean - 06/14/99 20:38:54
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Where are you from: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
How did you find my web site: Was told about your site thru a friend

Wow, I found this site to be VERY informative! it really makes you think about a lot of things. Keep up the good work.

GARRY - 06/12/99 16:37:03
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Where are you from: (UK) CARDIFF
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Colleen Jones - 03/10/99 02:55:40
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Where are you from?: Ohio
How did you find my site?: Conspiracy Theory

What a beautiful, informative site....and the Unicorns are beautiful; think they are still hiding in Ireland... Just surfed in from your entry in Conspiracy Theory. Beautiful work.

jez - 03/08/99 08:37:49
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/TimesSquare/Corner/1981
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hello. i am the girl who sent you my url... la dee daaa

- 01/30/99 21:08:06


Tom J. Kennedy - 01/19/99 01:58:56
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Where are you from?: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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I like reading and learning "what I didn't know I din't know". Great information. Working with you for "peace and plenty" by 2020 I AM Tom J. Kennedy

Rick Bryan - 01/18/99 06:06:33
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Great Site!

jakkadian - 01/08/99 10:33:36
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send me some info

gina - 01/08/99 01:17:53
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I'm looking for pictures. can't find gallery,and going directly from e-mail,can't find page

John Crabbs - 06/19/98 23:00:43
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- 05/30/98 22:32:35

- 05/27/98 09:42:53

Mark Allen Pitt - 05/27/98 02:23:46
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Where are you from?: Galesburg, Michigan USA (currently)

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