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Kay's X-files Links

The following are a a list of X-Files related sites, if you would like to add your site on this list, please e-mail me with the information. There will be more links added on as I develop the site. Enjoy!!

X-Files links

UK media X-files Homepage - An attractive java site with articles, interviews and Sarah Stegall's reviews.
Terminal X
Operation X Trivia Contest - win unique X-Files prizes including collector cards signed by Chris Carter!
Jaguar's X-Files Page - a new & improved X-Files drinking game.
X-Files Top Ten Lists
X-Files International Web Ring
The Offical X-Files Web Site
The X-Files episode guide - Cliff Chen's world famous episode reviews.

X-Files Homepages

Deano's X-files Page - an excellent site with FAN CLUB page for fan thought.
Nique's X-files Page
2Shy's X-Files Homepage

X-Files Mailing Lists

XTreme News - Official Mailing List Of The XTreme X-Page.

X-Files Mechandise

The X Store - great place for X-files related mechandise.
What's New - the latest and greatest range of official merchandise, from The Simpsons, X-Files.

Gillian Anderson Sites

Gillian Anderson Homepage - a VERY good site for Gillian Anderson fans with links to the GA webring.
Gillian Anderson Testorsterone Brigade(GATB)
The Gillian Anderson Photo Gallery - largest collection of Gillian Anderson images.
The Genuine Admirers of Gillian Andrerson Association - Gillian Anderson wallpaper.
Gillian Anderson Worship Site
The Goddess Gillian Anderson - lots of cool pictures of Anderson
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Gillian Anderson (SPCGA) - the name explains it all.

David Duchovny Sites

David Duchovny Shrine
The Definitive David Duchovny FAQ Sheet - provided by the DDEB.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to David Duchovny (SPCDD)
Lovers of David Duchovny Home Page - contains a webring for David Duchovny pages.

X-Files Related People Sites

Chris Carter Homepage - a site devoted to the creator of the X-Files.
Mark Snow's Homepage - the genines behind the music of the X-Files.
The Official Melissketeer Homepage - devoted to Melissa Scully/Melinda McGraw.

Fan Fiction

Eurisko MS Romance Archive - An archive for Mulder and Scully romance fanfiction.
X-Files Romantic FanFic Archive - dedicated to bringing every Mulder and Scully relationship story on the net.
DDEB Creative Archive - The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade's Fanfic collection.
Extreme Possibilities: Themed Fanfic
Funny FanFic - archive of humorous X-Files fan fiction.
X-Files-Fanfic - automated mailing list for the distribution of original works of X-Files based fan fiction.
Em Fanfiction Gallery - A nicely designed page with easy access to Em's writings.
Diana Liscky's X-Files Fanfic Page - some good stories, Scully's "Confessions" series and Sonnets on characters.
Peggy Mei-Ling Li's X Files Fiction Page
Jenn's X-files Fanfic


PEOPLE's magazine article (August 1996)- The Sexy Stars of The X-files


X-Files Sound-O-Rama - clips from second and third season episodes.
X-Files Audio Vault - collection of .zipped sound samples.
Mulder & Scully-isms - audio samples in .wav format.
Black Knight's X-Sounds Page- quotes from Series 1-3.

Interested in the XFACTOR movement to protect X-Files and Millennium web sites?
Come visit my XFACTOR Protest Page! Or you can go straight to my Homepage for a visit.

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Created: November 8th, 1996
Last Updated: Feburary 17, 1997
Please e-mail me if any of the links are invalid.

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