This is my family...

That's me in the middle! Hahaha. I'm 35, I enjoy Star Trek, The X-Files, and VMS (OK, so that much was obvious) and I also play the flute, which is why you *should* be hearing Picard's Ressican flute duet with Lieutenant Commander Neela Daren (head scientist of Stellar Cartography) from the TNG episode Lessons in the background. The song was first heard as a solo in Inner Light. For more music, go to my Star Trek Music page.

Sarah is my oldest. She's almost 16, and is now in her third year of high school. In case you can't make it out, that's a frog on her shoulder. She loves frogs. Visit Sarah's very own home page by clicking on her picture.

Beth is in the middle. Beth is 14, and hopes to be a veterinarian some day...

Stephen is the youngest in the family, having just turned 8. His favourite pastime? Nintendo! (What else?) And computers, too. Visit his very own home page by clicking on his picture (and don't forget to sign his guestbook).

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Last updated: Oct 10, 1998