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Wolverine: Issue # 101

Artist: Val Semeiks Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Chad Hunt
Published: May 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: The Helix of an Age Foretold Story: 1 / 1

Guest stars: Uncanny X-men (Cyclops, Jean, Cannonball, Iceman) and Electra.

The beastial Wolverine and the X-men ends up fighting Ozymandias, the ancient blind record-keepter to En Sahbah Nur or better known as Apocalypse. Ozymandias starts by tossing Clycops down the spiral abyss. Wolvie jumps down after cyclops.

Cyclops uses his optic blasts to slow his descent. this gives enough time for wolvie to catch up to cyke. Meanwhile the other x-men fight doublegangers of former x-men.

The X-men are in trouble when Electra drops in and takes care of the last two dopplegangers. This gives the x-men enough time to fight back and finish off Ozymandias.

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Wolverine: Issue # 102

Artist: Adam Kubert Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: June 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Unspoken Promises Story : 1 / 1

Logan hitches a ride on top of an Amtrak to New York to escape from salem.. A young gang tries to rob a drug dealer. One of the gangs fires his gun and injures the drug dealer. The drug dealer managed to shoot and hits a bystander. Logan see's thi sand chases after one of the gang member. The gang member gets a lucky and logan got a direct hit.

It looks like Logan was going to leave the gang member in the middle of the subway tracks but decided to snatch him back before the subway came. Logan brings him back to the scene of the crime, when unbeknownst to logan the drug dealer was going to shoot but Elektra comes in and stabs him with her sai (dagger).

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Wolverine: Issue #103

Artist:Val Semeiks Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Joe Rosas
Published: July 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Top of the World, Ma! Story: 1 of 1

This issue starts off with Logan, climbing up a skyscraper without using his claws. Eleckra is waiting up ontop. The tangle briefly before she leaves. "Never let your guard down" she replies why going toward the exit door. They tussle again before Logan sits down to mediate.

Elektra gives Logan another lesson by making Logan think like a man and not react like an animal. She easily traps Logan in a cold cell. Of course, logan escapes and catches up to Elektra and tossles again. This time Logan was able to lure her in to attacking.

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Wolverine: Issue #104

Artist: Val Semeiks Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Chad Hunt
Published: August 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: The Emperor of the Realm of Grief Story: 1 / 1

Guest star: Gateway, Elektra, Professor X, Magneto, Onslaught
Logan returns back to the X-mansion and finds Gateway on top of the building. Gateway starts to spin his whirligig and a cosmic gateway appears. Inside the gateway, Logan can see he's in Toyko, the Yashida estate. Where he relived his most tramatic moment in his life. Mariko had just be poisoned by matsuo and she died in Logan's arms.

Unable to bear this moment, he falls off the building but Elektra is able to grap logan on his way down. They both go back to the top of the roof and Elektra tries to talk to Gateway. Gateway is spinning his vortex, when Elektra mentions STICK. Mysteriously, Gateway stops. He puts his finger next to his mouth as to indicate to be quiet and starts spinning his vortex. Elektra see's the grim reaper and see's the only true love of Daredevil (matt). She believes she is no longer worthy of his love.

Logan is trying to find out more on Onslaught, Gateway goes thru another vortex and another unbearable moment for logan is when he see's his admantium beeing squeezed out of him by Magneto. Next, Prof. Xavier meets up with magneto and wipes out Magneto's brain. In the astral plane, Logan can see a twisted Homunculus leave from Magneo and entering Prof. X. This alien starts the dark side of Charles and eventually becomes Onslaught.

Logan leaves and sits down to reflect what he saw.
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Wolverine: Issue #105

Artist: Val Semeiks Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Chad Hunt
Published: September 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Faces in the Fire!1 Story: 1 of 1

This issues starts off with Wolverine being drenched by a firehose. A apartment fire has a little child screaming for help on the sixth floor. Unfortunately the ladders can not reach the child. Wolverine takea running start up the ladder and manages to leap to the sixth floor. Wolverine goes for a quick search to find the child, as he grabs the child the whole floor starts to collapse. Wolverine is trapped, but thru the smoke he can see an old man carrying a Stick. He guides Wolverine to the stairways. Wolverine ends up wrapping the child with his wet shirt and runs thru the fire to finally exit the building.

Wolverin is seriously burnt, but his healing factor starts to kick in and heal himself in only 3 panels. Wolverine graps his shirt and heads back to save the old man. Wolverine finds the old man at the top of the building. he ends up easliy attacking Wolverine. Wolverine realizes it's none other than STICK. Wolverine finally jumps off the building to land on the firetrucks ladder. Suddenly, the human torch appears and tells wolverine, all the heroes will be attacking Onslaught.

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Wolverine: Issue #106

Artist: Val Semeiks Writer:Larrry Hama Inker:Chad Hunt
Published: October 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Openings and Closures Story: 1/1

Logan and Elektra goes to canada. Their camp is suddenly surrounded by a pack of wolves. They both go on the defensive when Logan let's loose a loud wolf call, The wolves answer back and then suddenly charges Logan. As they start to pile on top of them, they start to befriend logan. Logan ends up feeding the wolves.

In the morning they travel to a cabin. Logan recalls it's the same cabin where he lived with Silver fox. He finds the wooden plank which had the engravings of Logan + Silverfox inside the heart.

Logan and Elektra heads out to greece. Elektra is taking Logan to here home. Logan meets Stavros, the gardener and caretaker. Stavros recalls meeting a Canadian back in the war. He tells Logan of the Canadian who they named "CANADA". Ironically, it truly was Logan.

Stavros tells Elektra of the six people that were responsible in killing her father. Five of the six are dead. They know the whereabouts of the last one. Elektra has forgiven the men that were responsible and do not wish vengeance. Unbeknownst to Elektra, the six person was helded hostage in the wine cellar. They let him loose and are afraid that he will tell the police. Logan intercepts the man and threatens to kill him if he tells the police.

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Wolverine: Issue #107

Artist: Anthony WinnWriter:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: November 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S.Check Current Prices
Title: Once upon a Time in Little Tokyo Story: 1 / 4

Logan arrives in Tokyo. Carrying a bike for Amiko, he arrives at yukio's apartment. Logan has the image inducer so he doesn't scare Amiko. Just before he knocks, he smells something is not right. Logan bust down the door and stands toe to toe with 2 Ninjas. He easily dispatches the two ninjas, suddenly from behind another ninja of the hand attacks. He only last two frames. Logan is furious as he had given the Horon of swords of the Yashida Clan to the Silver Samurai, in return fo his to keep an eye on Yukio and Amiko. Suddently the police arrive and a sniper hits Logan. Logan takes off in search of Amiko.

Logan arrives at one of the Yakuza gambling establishments and quickly impales two body guards. he meets Shironhana, the pale flower. They mention their pass as they are eating when she mentions that the fish Logan is enjoying is actually blowfish. As you know, the poison in the blowfish is one of the most powerful poisons in the world. Logan begins to react to the posion. as he lays on the floor, The pale flower's men arrive only to have Logan jump up and say "What's for desert?". Suddendly , a police armored vehicle bursts into the building. Logan grabs a beer.

Meanwhile at a movie set, Akatora-San is the real villian who had kidnapped Amiko. He finds out that Logan has escaped his trap. Later on he arrives in the dungeon and talks to Yukio, who is chained up. He later arrives to see two ladies (Emi and Sumi) taking car of Amiko. They are also feeding her with lies of Logan and are also setting her up with subliminal indoctrination.

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Wolverine: Issue #108

Artist: Anthony Winn Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published: December 1996 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: East is East... Story: 2 / 3
Logan is inside a holding cell in the Tokyo metropolitan police. The pale floweris suprised Logan did not resist when the soldiers invaded her building. Logan is smart enough to know that the Hand will eventually send more ninjas after him.

A priest arrives and carries a rosary made of iron. He is called the Iron Monk and no mortal hand or blade can harm him, he is a master of the hand and is here to take out Logan. Logan uses one of the bars from the cells but with no effect. Suddendly, a midget Japanese blue's brother look-a-like burst thru the floor. He's name is Yohei, and he is part of the yashida yakuza clan and tell's Logan that the Silver Samurai sends his regrets and is fully aware of his gross dereliction in familial duty and expresses his deepest regrets. While the midget is explaining, the Iron monk his smacking Logan with the iron beads. Finally the midget explains that he is returning the Honor sword. Logan takes it and stabs the iron monk. The sword is forged out of a meteorite iron by a demon. Just lika all Hand assassins die they simply Poof!!

As they go thru the secret entrance and head out to the waterfront, they are encountered by the Blue Money Gang who runs these docks. As Logan puts the Pale Flower down to fight the gang, Yohei had already taken care of them. Yohei is the head enforcer of the Yashida clan.

In the shinjuku district , the noodle man runs into Akatora'san's ladies (Emi and Sumi). the noodleman lead the police to the Pale flower building. They tried to take care of the noodle man but he easily escapes them. The ladies return back to their hideout and Akatora-san sends out his Cyber-Ninja's after Logan.

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Wolverine: Issue #109

Artist: Anthony Winn Writer:Larry Hama Inker:Dan Green
Published:January 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: The Hand! Yukio! The Conclusion! Story: 3 / 3

Two Cyber-Ninjas find the Noodle man and is ready to take care of him, when Logan arrives. Interesting, that Logan tells them to don't mind him and just go about their business. The Noodle maker barely take care of the two Cyber-ninjas. He then talks to Logan and wonders why he did not help, especially when Logan was looking for information that he knew. Logan simply replies that he was just getting ready to the main event. Logan takes care of 7 other Cyber-ninjas.

Meanwhile at Akatora's island, Amiko is being drugged and her dreams of a bad dragon attacking her is really the killer of her parents. The bad dragon turns out to be Logan. She resists but she feels everything is now Logans fault.

Logan arrives at the movie studios, to fight 3 of Akatora's cyborgs. Two of the cyborgs sacrifice themselves by having Logan thrust his claws into their chests. Steel cables held Logan's hand while the third attempts to shot logan. Logan manages to escapge and faces Akatora. A brief battle with Akatora havings his faced clawed screams out one ot the three belongs to him and is a longtime sleeper and devoted ninja of the hand. Logan grabs the sword and chooses one of the three people. The sword lands through Yohei. Logan summarizes why he choose the midget. Akatora escapes but the damage is done to young Amiko.

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Wolverine: Issue #110

Artist: Joe Bennett Writer:Tom DeFalco Inker:Joe Pimentel
Published: February 1997 Cover Cost:$1.95 U.S. Check Current Prices
Title: Lesser Beasts Story 1 / 1

Guest star: Shaman of the former Alpha Flight.

A brown bear enters a cave with old indian articifacts. A spirit takes over the grizzly bear . Meanwhile, Logan and shaman are on a hunt to find William "jocko" Jacquomo and his partner. The two have been causing quite a stir by robbing stores. They RCMP have block all the roads and Jocko had no other way but to travel by foot. A bystander is asked to go back but his wife (Catherine) decides to make a stance. Her husband, bob agrees on goes offroad. They finally setup camp with their son, when Jocko arrives.

Logan arrives at the camp and as Jocko to stand down or else. The Grizzly Bear arrives and is looking for blood. Logan meets up with the Spirited Grizzly while the others get into the truck and leaves. Logan and the grizzly attacks with claws extended but incredibly he decides not to kill the bear and detracks his claws. he manages to knock out the bear. Shaman arrives and removes the spirit and the bear runs quietly away.

Logan tracks down Jocko and his partner and they both surrender, especially when Logan has both his side claws up against his face and the middle one is still not extended. I love when he does that.

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